The Life of Matt being an undercover sissy is very common unlike what most people are lead to believe.

Matt is one of those guys that takes great care of his family, but he’s an undercover sissy. He is married to an average, not a cheating wife that caters to his wishes as much as possible in between taking care of their two children that are basically grown. They are young teens they kind of get in the way of Matt being who he truly is, which is an undercover sissy.

Have you ever been in a relationship or something that has you feeling trapped? Well, that is Matt’s situation. See Matt has always had these urges since he was a very young teen. At the time he and a select few of his friends played in his mothers’ panty drawer. Each of them fondled her panties and tried them on just pretending that it was all a harmless game.

They would do the same things with her toys too, taking them out one by one and inspecting them before playing. They would just take them and play like they were swords and every now and again they’d playfully stick it in each other’s asses. Of course, they’d play it off because they were young. There was his best friend in the whole wide world that spent the most time with him just about every day.

One day Matt’s bestie asked him to suck him off.

At this moment they attended college together and in fact are roommates. Since Matt has always had a deep curiously and has done nothing besides they toys play by himself and stroking himself to his friends’ pictures now he gets his chance. That night going on deeper then either of them could’ve imagined. That was his first time feeling his friend in his mouth and inside of him.

Matt from then on of course sucked and fucked his best friend from that moment on but only in secret. He felt the need to keep it secret to protect him and the fact that Matt was also a low key little whore in college for the guys that were in that confusing part of life.

He still doesn’t hesitate to give up that sweet ass in secret when he old playmates come around.

That secret part of him is beginning to take control over everything about him. When alone, he loves to take her panties and rubs them against himself. Enjoying the fabric and how it feels against hid “pussy hole”. He has had to travel an hour just to shop for his panties, bras, and toys that he has to keep in his gym locker.

He sneaks around in his panties and does about 10 calls per week. Also, discretely fulfilling his anal pleasures. Mostly in his garage or truck with his fingers or dildo stuffed in his ass. The secret person that has always been there and now is coming out is Matilda. She loves singing how much she loves cock and being her.  Matilda can cum over and over for me in a matter of 15-20 minutes.

Yes, this is real and yes he wants to share. He is like many undercover sissy men that want to come out but are so scared. Secretly fucking their pussy hole and needing that help to cum and come out. It’s all so secretively sexy and the best part is he wants his old life back. He wants to be the little whore that his undercover sissy ass used to be.

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