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She has never done anything other than play with that pussy of hers and dreams about cock ever since she was a little boy, so she wants to be a married sissy cuckold badly. Everyone knows her as Matt the regular ordinary guy, not sissy Matilda. There comes a time in life that you have to submit to your urges, and that is how Matilda came to be. Her urges for cock and cum have always been a big one; sissy training has helped bring that out.

Matt, I mean Matilda is craving cock so much that she has to sit in her truck and fuck her pussy hole and sing her song to the thought of being cock filled one day. This Married sissy just came “out” so training a married sissy takes some work. There is one fantasy she wants to explore if her wife was ever to find out and love the fact that she is married to a cock loving sissy. That would be bringing another man in for bother of their pleasures.

A married cuckold sissy that’s about to give and receive.

Now, of course, Matt will eventually disappear, and Matilda will be it. She will come home to her dress and heels and bra and panties laid out on the bed. Her wife will help with the makeup and of course be the one to invite a “friend” over.

Before the transformation, Matt didn’t have a very big cock anyway, and his cheating wife found pleasure elsewhere. So she knew exactly who to ask to come over for this married sissy cuckold fun. Being that this will be her first time Matilda is nervous and sits and waits until she hears the doorbell and after a few moments in walks her wife hand in hand with this average height guy. Green eyes, tan skin slim but fit body but with a huge BBC for the size that he is.

Unable to wait any longer, Matilda instantly drops to her knees starts to suck that BBC likes the good married sissy that she is. From her side view, she could see her wife lay down on the bed with her legs spread wide open, exposing her pussy. The guy leans down and starts playing with her pussy like he’s getting it ready for his cock.

It’s his wife’s turn first to experience that BBC.

He kneels in front of her and pulls her ass to the edge of the bed. As he’s about to slide his cock inside Matilda says, “ screw my wife please.” He slowly slides his cock inside of her moist, hot pussy and pounded her pussy sore. Almost instantly he shoots his massive load of cum in her pussy. Matilda just to it and knows just what to do. She buried her face in her wife’s pussy and devoured all of that creamy cum. Cleaning by licking and sucking her cunt, making her explode too. Just watching this has made his cock get semi hard while standing there.

Matilda’s wife then says, “ now you” with a slick smirk on her face. Without getting up, Matilda turns and faces the BBC and starts to lick the shaft. Then the head of it and lastly giving his sweet, savory, salty balls the most attention.  The guy began to whisper to Matilda’s wife hows he’s going to make him a real bitch and cream pie that pussy hole of his.

Matilda looked up and says, “I’m ready for you to cream pie me.” She gets on all fours and pulls her panties to the side like she has thought about for so long and holds her ass open. The man with that BBC spits on her sissy pussy and starts to slide the cock deep inside.

Matilda could feel no pain but all pleasure from getting sissy ass fucked.

She let him fuck her hard from behind, and she got on top like a good sissy and rode the BBC until he came inside of her. All of the sissy slut training did so well because with every move Matilda knew just what to do. She slurped the cock and took her fingers and licked all of the cum out of her pussy hole.

Now she didn’t have to hide her secret from her wife anymore. This is the fantasy that this married sissy cuckold wants so bad. She is starting to think about it but to get sissy fucked. What began as just phone sex is turning into excellent sissy slut training.

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