Hot Sex Stories: The executive bathroom is now my private Hot fun room

Hot Sex Stories:  Sitting at my desk I was once again daydreaming about the sexy owner of the company,  Mr. Riggs aka Mr. Smokin’ Hot  suddenly coming up behind me as I’m typing.   Sliding his hand down my pants to find my already wet and pulsating pussy waiting for him.  With that thought another of my body’s needs made it known that I needed a bathroom and fast.  Then I groaned as I remembered it was another day with no working bathroom on the third floor.

As I walked towards the elevator I couldn’t help noticing that the reception desk in front of Mr. Smokin’ Hot’s private office was empty with a sign stating the boss and his assistant were out of the office for a conference.  Then I got a jolt of excitement when I saw that the office door was wide open.   The office included a private bathroom with a shower and a  sauna.   Since it was the end of the day and almost no one was left in the office I decided to take the risk.

As I finished peeing I decided to give my wet pussy some much-needed attention.

I was sitting in full Mr. Riggs fantasy on the bench of the sauna with one my hand deep in my hot hole and the other pinching a painfully erect nipple when I opened my eyes to Mr. Smokin’ Hot himself leaning against the doorway with his arms crossed and a huge grin on his face as he stared at my wide spread legs.

Instead of stopping I just spread my legs wide and slowly brought my soaking wet fingers up to my mouth and licked my juices off them slowly as I moaned at the taste.  I reached my fingers towards him as I said, “So sweet..Want a taste?”.   He nodded as he walked toward me unbuttoning his pants.

Taboo Phone SEX Story With My Boss….

He rubbed his hard cock as he stood in front of me.  I leaned forward and took him deep down my throat in one smooth move.  As his cock slid down my throat I felt my pussy explode with my orgasm. His hands clenched in my hair as he moved my head back and forth fucking my mouth. I wrapped my arms and legs around his body as I suddenly felt his balls tighten and clench against my chin as he shot his full load down my throat………

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