Hot Family Sex Stories-Why I’m Uncle Bob’s favorite

Family Sex Stories:  My daddy’s HOT older step brother has been married to my Aunt Myra forever.   I’ve secretly gotten all hot and bothered being near Uncle Bob.    Of course, it’s well known in the family that Aunt Myra has not put out since Bush senior was president.   Ever since I had my first orgasm with my very own shower massage my biggest fantasy has been to give poor old, HOT and Hard Uncle Bob some Carly relief.

I finally got my chance to fulfill one my Hottest Family Sex Stories my first year in college when I was lucky enough to be house sitting while my aunt was in the hospital after gallbladder surgery.  I felt so special when Uncle Bob called me personally and asked me to stay at the house so he could stay near the hospital overnight.  Of course I jumped at the chance to sleep in the bed that Uncle Bob slept in every night.  As I was  settling into a long lonely night I suddenly heard a key in the door.

Uncle Bob walked in the door just as I was sitting up in that big bed with the sheet barely covering my painfully tight nipples and my aching, close to cumming pussy.

He looked as surprised and shocked as I felt as he walked into the bedroom.  I looked up into his dark brown eyes as he walked silently over to the side of the bed and said, “Have been thinking about me?’  With a quivering voice, I whispered. “Oh yes, Uncle Bob?”  He didn’t say anything as he dropped his back pack and sat really close beside me on the bed.   As he pushed his hard body against mine I could feel my dripping wet pussy tighten painfully as he pushed one of his big strong hands between my legs over the sheet and said, “Miss me?”

I nodded as he leaned down licking the outer edge of my quivering lips as he did so. I whispered huskily, “Uncle Bob, what are you doing?”, even as I reached my tongue out to tangle with his.

His hand pulled the sheet down my body and landed on my aching wet pussy.  With a wide smile on his face he pushed two fingers deep into my hot yoni.  As we exchanged a hot, wet  kiss he finger fucked me to a screaming climax.  Standing to strip he pulled me to the floor to kneel down at his feet.  With a jolt of fear at the sheer size of his hot hard cock  my mouth slid smoothly down to the base.  My throat throbbed as I gazed up to look into his eyes.   Gagging a little as he pushed in I took his full length deep in my throat. My hot tongue wrapped around him a little tighter as I swallowed. His balls tightened up as he came with a deep groan.  Thick, Hot Cum ran out of my mouth and and down my chin.

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I slowly crawled up his body with his cum dripping off my chin.  As I stood he picked me up easily and slammed me down hard on the bed. He spread my legs, went down to my now dripping hot pussy and shoved his tongue deep.  I moaned, “Yes, Uncle Bob”.   With cum on his lips, he crawled up my aching body. Uncle Bob pressed his big hard cock between my wide spread quivering thighs……

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