Buckle up for part 3 of my hot sex story.  You’re gonna love it.

I started a steamy hot sex story a little while back all about making my twin brother jealous.  Read on for the next chapter of my high school sex stories

A few days had passed, Homecoming growing ever nearer. I could still feel Nick and Brian’s eyes on me while I pleasured myself. They had stood there in the hallway peering into my room slack-jawed. The scurried away when my eyes opened as if I wouldn’t know exactly what they were doing. Nick had been avoiding me, and hanging all over his slutty little skank. Clearly, I was going to have to up the ante.

It was a Friday. The big homecoming game was on and every person in town was in the bleachers cheering on the football team. I saw Brian staring at me a few rows down and he was biting my lip. Not that I can say I blame him. I was wearing a skimpy red tank top, and the crisp autumn air was making my nipples hard as diamonds. Of course, he was staring. So, I stared back.

Usually, when I starred back at boys that just can’t seem to look away, they would quickly lower their eyes and blush like little school girls. That did not happen this time, though. Brian stared me down and I felt like he was looking right into my very soul. The look on his face was a mixture of wistful longing and intense carnal hunger.

It made my mouth run dry, but my pussy, not dry at all…

In fact, I could feel my pussy flood and wetness start to seep through my delicate little panties. I bit my lip and arched an eyebrow and began making my way down the bleachers. I maneuvered over the seats and around people keeping my eyes trained on him as much as possible. He never stopped staring at me but slowly got up and began to follow me.

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