Real sex stories are my favorite stories to tell.  Fantasy is great, but sometimes, nothing beats the truth

Consider this part 2 of this real sex stories series.  Check out the first part of my high school sex stories and read on for more of my devious plan to make my twincest lover, Nick jealous.

Nick’s very best friend, Brian, had a crush on me. I knew he did. I had caught him staring at me. He’d always blush and look down at his feet, sometimes covering himself to hide his sizable teenage boner. He was shy but tall, and dashingly good looking. My darling brother would have had a problem with me being intimate with anyone but himself, but just anyone wouldn’t do. Seeing Nick sucking face with that fucking skank made me see red.

So I made a plan. Brian was at our house one afternoon with Nick and I did a little trick I used to seduce my twin brother. I took a shower and oops when I got out there weren’t any towels. So, what’s a girl to do but run down the hall past my brother’s open door dripping wet and naked to my room. Obviously, I wanted both of their attention to be on my glistening slippery little body. I left my bedroom door ajar a few inches. If either one of them turned around again they would see me sitting on my bed. I started rubbing my hands over my wet skin, waiting to see if I could pry their eyes away from their video game for even a moment.

All I needed was a glance in my direction.

My fingers slipped over my smooth damp skin. They went over my belly and up over my tender breasts. Then, my fingers began teasing my nipples. I inhaled deeply and closed my eyes, getting lost in a sudden wave of pleasure. So lost in my own arousal, I didn’t even hear the creak of the floorboards just outside my room as someone stepped up to get a closer look.

Then, I fell back onto my bed and ran my hand back down my stomach. My wandering fingers found my throbbing little clitty and I let out a soft moan. I teased my little pussy, slipping my fingers up and down my juicy little slit. Slowly, I slipped my middle finger inside of me and worked it in and out, while grinding my pelvis up. My little hole was so wet and ready. I wanted Nick to see me fuck his best friend. I wanted him to be jealous.

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