I love all my high school sex stories, but this one is all about jealousy and extremely naughty behavior

Our teens are such an exciting explorative time, so of course, I’ve got some fucking steamy high school sex stories.  The majority of the dick I had back then made for some pretty hot sibling sex stories.  I had some unrelated dick though too, but its all tied up together.  Well, you’ll see….

Nick and I had a thing going on. Well, at least behind closed doors. He has always been my other half. We understand what each other wants and needs even before it occurs to ourselves. Obviously, this was our secret. I can’t even imagine what deep shit we would have been into if our parents or people at school found out we had a twincest romance going on. It got a little tricky at times. Both of us were good-looking kids and of course, there was interest from the other students. Sometimes, jealousy happens.

Homecoming was approaching and the pressure to find a date to the big dance was at an all-time high. All the girls were leaving little love notes in Nick’s locker. Almost every girl at school was dying for him to ask them to be his date. At first, I thought it was sort of funny. I knew my tender little pussy was the only one he was interested in, but after a while, I’ll admit, I was resentful. Why should some other girl get to be on his arm? Every time I’d ask myself that, I’d think

“Oh right… He’s my twin brother”

Eventually, after a few days of hearts and flirty notes he picked himself the prettiest girl in our class. Was it too much to ask that he pick an uggo? I swallowed my jealousy for a time, but a week before homecoming I was rounding the corner towards the locker rooms after volleyball practice, and I saw something that filled me with envy. Nick, leaning against the brick wall and that little tramp with her tongue down his throat and her legs wrapped around his waist.

My stomach was in my throat. I wanted to break down and cry, but that feeling was quickly replaced by anger. I’d show him. I’d been asked by countless guys for homecoming. I could have my pick. It was time to show my dear brother that two can play at that game.

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