I was at my favorite adult store, just checking out the vibrators when I saw a cute but nervous guy standing a few feet away. He was looking at the anal beads and seemed hesitant, as if he was trying to decide whether or not to buy them. I quickly surmised he’d never used them before so I went over to help him.

He was shy at first and seemed embarrassed that I saw him looking at the anal bead selection. I’m very good at putting people at ease so with a little bit of friendly small talk, he soon relaxed. I found out his name was Ben.

“So, Ben…” I pointed at the box he had been holding. “Are you new to anal play?”

He cleared his throat and glanced around the store. He nodded his head quickly and his face flushed pink.

“Don’t worry. I’m an expert. I can help you pick out the best set. Is that okay?” I said, in a very reasurring tone.

To my delight, he smiled and nodded his head enthusiastically. “If it’s not too much trouble, I’d love that!”

“And I can help you break them in as well.” I said.

His eyes widened and he started to look hesitant now. I gave him a friendly nudge and whispered. “You’re not really going to turn down
this opportunity, are you, Ben?”

He looked at me and then glanced down at my breasts. I have to say, they looked especially awesome in my tight t-shirt.

“Yes. Please.” He murmured. He ended up leaving the store five minutes later, with both the beads and me.

I followed him to his place and we went straight into his bedroom. I took the anal beads out of their packaging and held them up for him to see.

“We need some lube, Ben.” I said. He quickly retreived a tube and brought it to me. As I lubed them up, I told him to get naked. He did so very quickly.  I was happy to see his eagerness. He sat on the bed waiting for me.

“Lie on your back.” I instructed. “Pull your knees up to your chest.”

“Oh, god.” he whispered as he obeyed. “This is really happening.”

“Yes, it is.” I said, getting between his legs. As he held his knees, his asshole stretched and widened. I squirted some lube onto my hand and
spread some around his hole. I pushed the first anal bead into him and he moaned quietly as it pushed past his tight ring of muscle. I then added
the second one and kept going, filling his ass with the entire string anal beads. I slipped my finger through the ring at the end and held it
so it would be easy to use when I needed it.

He was squirming and breathing hard. He moaned and whispered, “Oh, fuck yes. Fuck yes!”

I held the base of his dick with my other hand while I put my lips around it and began to move down. I relaxed my throat and took a few breaths through my nose then began to suck him. I slid up and down his cock, making him moan louder. I went faster and faster, my mouth covering him with spit. I held the end of the string and gave it a few soft tugs, making the beads press against his hole but not popping out. His body reacted with a shudder.  I tugged the first bead out of him and he shoved his hips up, ramming his cock deeper in my throat. I gagged and had to take a minute before I found my rhythm again.

I yanked the second one out and the third together, making him gasp and groan. I spent a few minutes sucking him off and fondling his hot, heavy balls before tugging out the fourth anal bead. I sucked him harder, my lips firmly around him as I worked his shaft. I waited until he was about to cum, his balls jerking up in my palm, then yanked the last bead out. He gasped as it popped out of his hole and cum began to fill my throat. I kept my lips tightly on him and swallowed every drop he gave me. It dribbled down and he began to relax.

I slid him out of my mouth and a string of cum fell down my chin. I licked it off as I stood up and tossed the anal beads onto his lap.

“Have fun with those.” I said, kissing his lips.  I left him there with his new toy. I know he’ll be eternally grateful that I was at the adult store that day.

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