Good dick sucking is an art that is perfected over time.

Good dick sucking skills are is a skill that you are going to want to have in life. The obvious and number one point is because you want to please your partner. I know some prefer to partner as girl/girl and well, doesn’t she have a little dick? So your good dick sucking skills will have to be right for her clit. Then there is the cock/dildo size preference, followed by the ability you want to have. Whether there is a lot of slurping, slowing sucking, deep throating…etc

Another way to look at good dick sucking is the art of controlling the person receiving the action.  While you are on your knees, laying down, or however you’re posed take a moment and look up. Look directly into the eyes of the person while you’re lips are stroking that special place. Look at their eyes and see the way they look at you. You know how that “what are you doing to me” look. The manipulative control that you have taken from that person by doing this special skill. Sedating that person with the soft caress of your lips that sends tremors down their spine.

Good dick sucking skills for women are a little on the simplistic side.

There are two main positions for women to receive oral pleasure. The most common is the woman lying down on her back with her legs spread wide open. The other position is facesitting. The woman sitting on the face of the one giving her clit the loving, sucking head. While lying on her back it’s slightly easier to get to her clit. The clit sucker spreads her cunt lips and pushes back on the hood of her pussy. Just like a dick, the clit grows with excitement.

Now with good dick sucking skills, you will know that not just the dick/clit needs attention. With women, as you are sucking, are their clit it is good to start alternation between sucking and licking the cunt opening. As well as, alternating between sucking and licking the cunt lips with the added action of penetrating her with your fingers. Oh, those tasty cunt juices. Now when it comes to her riding your face, it’s just that, her riding your face. You sucking with a little added nibble and pressing the tongue right against the clit. Watch her body jerk with every move you make.

Good dick sucking skills on the D.

Starting with a smaller cock is what everyone should do. I’ve heard of people actually practicing on one of those big pickles when starting off. Yes, I laughed so hard myself when I first heard about that. Smaller cocks are better to start with as I’ve said before. Especially if you want to learn to be able to take a cock down your throat. The key to good dick sucking skills is to start with a wet dick. Starting with the head of the cock, swirling your tongue around it will start you off with the perfect wetness. Just an FYI, those big thick cocks are for the more experienced cock suckers.

There are a couple of things to take into consideration though. Do you want to start off with stroking the dick? Do you want to stroke and suck? Or do you want to wet the whole cock before taking it in? Wetting the cock just means you treating the cock like a long lollipop. Trust me, a lot can go with sucking dick but you know if you’re doing it right by the moans and grunts you receive. Some like teeth, some like it smooth, some like it sloppy (lots of spit), and some like a dry dick suck. Of course, you will what to stimulate not only the dick but the balls and everywhere around that area as well.

But wait, all good dick sucking can’t be done without giving the other areas attention.

Good dick sucking can’t go without sucking on those delicious, salty balls. Suck on those bad boys like they’re two dicks in a sack. Every person has their own preference for how they want to delightfully end the experience. Some like the full course. What is the full course? Dick sucking along with ball-sucking, tant licking, and anal tongue pleasure. To spice that whole deal up you can always add in some good anal sex toys. The basic good dick sucking is cock sucking and ball play. Suck on the cock in multiple ways while massaging the balls and stimulating that cum.

good dick sucking

Is there a certain way that you like to be sucked off? How kinky do you like to get with it? To add pleasure to our mutual masturbation fun, sit back and take in the sounds of my dick sucking skills. I’m the best phones sex operator for your pleasure. Also, take a listen to some good ASMR sucking.