Cum filled cups pair with the best night club around.

You enter into the nightspot and see the cum filled cups rules of the club. You are to enjoy the nightspot and drink the creamy nectar. Amongst the rules are a list of the various health benefits. As you stand there reading the list not only does your mouth begin to water but your sexual spark heightens.

The club has dim lighting as you walk through and begin to survey your surroundings. Sweat covered bodies are everywhere in this serine place of delight. You notice that there are separate sections within this spot.

At the bar, there are two sections where cum filled cups are prepared.

Now there are drinks other than this creamy delight that are served as well as appetizers. But this spot is for the absolute lovers of the male body creation. Now back to the spot!! The bar starts with those who want to look at the male bartenders that service from behind the bar. All very sexy with rippling muscles and topless at that. They vary from wearing tight jeans that accent their sexy asses to thongs with the extended trunk to showcase that cock.

These hot bartenders look and the admiration on the men’s faces as they watch them create the cum filled cups. Just the pour joy of these bartenders being watched results with nectar so mouthwatering. They continue to create so much more due to the fact that it excites them tremendously just from admiration.

Now further down are the men who meet men. This section includes luxury cubs with two seated bar stools that face one another. These men get to face each other as they indulge in mutual masturbation or jerk each other off. They fill their cups and of course watch each other drink it up. This process can continue for a very long time as they enjoy the pleasure of each other’s nectar.

On the dance floor is where you’ll find the very sexual way of the cum filled cups creation.

One the dance floor is where you’ll find the men that like what I call “distraction milking” which results in cum filled cups.  He loves grinding and watches the seductive curves of a woman while he milks himself and shares the results of his excitement. This is an addiction they can’t quit because of its taboo nature. As we all know, diving deep into taboo anything is something you will never shake.

How does one start to like cum filled cups?

Women just love it. There’s no way around that so I state it as a fact. Semen is an energizer that just feels so good. It feels good on the soft skin of a woman and going down the throat. There’s a majestic nature of cock cumming. How does the feel of cum pair with how it tastes or that taboo love of enjoying cum filled cups? The feel of cum on your lips, as it slides past the tongue you can taste the sweetness of it. To be honest, cum has a few tastes, tangy, sweet also somewhere in between.

In the back of the club, there are a few ways to “dive deeper” with the cum filled cups.

One section is of the girlfriends of these men and the happiness they want to give to there man. They know the taboo nature of their lover runs extremely deep. They may take an unknowing girl from the club or one from the streets. Their lover loves to make this innocent victim jerk him until he cums in the cups while his accomplice, which is his lady, helps make the girl guzzled down his cum, resulting in him fucking his lover while the victim watches.

The bouncers help to bring in the undercover sissy for the next section.

These men are worthless and usually don’t know shit about what they want, hence, us taking control. The only thing they know is that they’re scared to let the world know their love for cum filled cups. It started with them filling their own cups resulting in them wanting more. Then more from another supplier. Above all, they want the secret kept they come here. In the back are one bouncer and a sexy financial domination expert. He is bound, gagged after paying to enjoy his secret pleasure of the cock hung is in front of him as he yearns for what it ejects. The best in humiliation, small penis humiliation, and blackmail are to name a few of what goes on here.

The last section is for the best phone sex to create those cum filled cups.

There are only a few spots in this area. The guys that come here usually don’t have the quietness they need at home, for this reason, we certainly have the right spot for them. The room has a soft bed in a room which is set up to please the senses. Curtains of eye-pleasing colors, soft skin-loving sheets, soft tissues, of course, the phone. The sexy operator on the other end in educated like me with experience. You don’t just experience a sexy voice on the other end. You dive deep into what pleases you and creep into creating cum filled cups at your pace. or maybe you’d rather request to have cum filled cups ready for you before indulging in this experience. Everything that helps aid in your best experience with this club.

cum filled cups

Of course, there are more angles to my fantasy of a club centered around cum filled cups. What do you think about this night club of secrets? My mouth is watering. Do you have a fantasy that you what to bring to life? Come play with the best in phone sex. Everything from vanilla to the world of painful pleasure.