After a few months in college, I got my first apartment from my boyfriend that didn’t know that I was a cheating college girlfriend.

Honestly, the only thing that is appealing about him is his money, definitely not his cock which is why I became a cheating college girlfriend. Yes, I said It! College is freaking expensive and I knew where to get the financing that I wanted. Not long after dating I found out that he had a 4-inch cock and cums really quickly. What the hell could I ever do with that? He has me on his arm and I have his money in my hands.

I met him in the college library while looking for a few books for my developmental psych class. I saw him staring when I walked through the double glass door in my pink yoga pants and pink and black crop top. As I walked down the aisle fiddling with my belly piercing I continued to watch him as he watched me. I just thought to myself how he is the type of guy that will do anything a girl like me wanted him to. So, I slowly approached him at the table he sat at all by himself.

He could barely look me in my eye’s as I introduced myself to him.

I instantly asked for help in finding my books because I needed to get ready for a party that night. As soon as he found them for me he followed my thank you with my stuttered “can I take you for a coffee”? I am always a go for coffee which is a secret addiction. We sat there as he talked about his upbringing in upper Hampton and his cars that he owned and the fact that he has his own house. I just sat there starring wondering when was the last time he was laid.

Shortly after that, he got a high off of telling me how gorgeous I am and where we were to go on the next date. At that point, I had the ultimate need for him to shut the fuck up. What I did next definitely did the job! I slid my size four and a one-half foot out of my sneaker and caressed his cock. It took everything in me to contain my laughter. The prick had a tiny dick! I rubbed his cock up and down the short length and made him cum in a second and kept rubbing making him cum again within 3 minutes. I didn’t stop and on his third time cumming he was begging for me to be his.

He sat there in a slight whisper telling me how he was going to take care of me.

I stayed that night with him and experienced the embarrassment of his cock. A week into our relationship I got really pissed but I took it out on him. He was attempting to fuck me missionary and his cock kept slipping out. I made him get on his knees as I took my 9-inch dildo out. Then, I made him suck my toes and watch while I fucked my pussy. Making fun of his small dick is something that is always fun, including degrading him horribly and 5 min into it be began coming while saying sorry.

A few days later I made him buy me a big black sex doll. I made him get on the floor and worship the feet of the big toy while watching me ride it. He came all over the feet of that doll and I made him lick it all up. I was so turned on by that, that I didn’t even climax and I kept it for later. So I got up and put on something really sexy. I grabbed his black card and walked out of the door. I can back from fucking my friend with a big black cock and I let him cum in me.

He greeted me on his knees and I ordered him to undress me. After I threw a bunch of hateful words his way I strapped a dildo to his face a fucked him until he came twice when I took it off and let him make me cum. He devoured my pussy and the cum that was inside. I even made him listen to me having kinky phone sex!

cheating college girlfriend

I loved being his cheating college girlfriend.

He took care of me with money and I fucked like the college girl slut I am. I still have great times with him outside of being that cheating college girlfriend from before. He needed too much attention from me which is why we broke up. He did confess he wanted his cheating college girlfriend back and the cum too. I still take control over him from time to time and he has never stopped giving me my allowance.