I have a few threesome sex stories to tell.

I’ll start with the first of my threesome sex stories. It was with a shemale and her boyfriend. They’ve been asking me for a while to join them in a threesome and I always put it off. On that night I said “fuck it” and just told them I’m down. I was kind of nervous because I was scared to like it too much.

Right, when I arrived at their apartment door the action began. They were already completely naked. I started to take my clothes off too without hesitation, and let me tell you they came off quick. The shemale started to suck on my puffy nipples right away and it instantly turned me on. While she sucked on my puffy nipples her boyfriend stood beside me with his hard cock that I immediately started stroking.

After those first moments of introducing our bodies to one another, the fun started.

We got on the couch and I dropped to my knees. He had an 8-inch cock and she had a 9-inch cock. Both so beautiful and I instantly started licking and sucking on both. With two cocks like that in my face, I just couldn’t help it.

A few times I stuck both heads of their cocks right in my mouth. There’s something about cock that drives me wild and to have two was even better. Really I could’ve sucked their cocks for longer then I did but the boyfriend insisted that it was time for me to take their cocks.

Then I got up and the shemale motioned for me to come get on her lap.

Must I mention that her titties were just as perky and sexy as mine. I sat on her lap as her throbbing cock stuck straight up between my legs. I teased her nipples with my tongue which made her squirm some. My pussy was so wet I had to finally let her cock feel my wetness and warmed. As I got up a little I slowly slide down on her large cock and oh it felt so good.

There I bounced on her cock while she suckled on my titties and I played with hers.

I also forgot that the boyfriend was there until I felt his cock pressing against my ass. He slide it inside of me and instead of me feeling so much pain it felt fucking amazing.

We fucked for a few hours that night. Me and the shemale eating cum and both of them fucking my little pussy one at a time, also both of them fucking me at the same time. They are still super kinky might I add.

They are very particular about who they have fun with. For the college girls they have had fun with, it has been a great experience. Some great kinky fun, taboo sex stories are connected to these two fun lovers.

I just bet you want to hear so much more, don’t you? Some of my clients just love shemale sex. And there’s more to come!