A first time cuckold slut’s adventure..

First time cuckold toys always remember the adventure. It’s such a long road from where they start.. A simple curiosity leads into watching porn about it, and later into having the balls to ask their girlfriend about it. Sometimes the girl knows about it far before the guy finds out! Little things he does, like get curious about what kind of porn she watches, almost like he’s prying for something.. One of my friends-with-benefits was prying and asking questions like that lately. I couldn’t resist finding out what he was really after. He came off so sweet and innocent, like he wanted to offer me something I hadn’t asked for.. But really, he was the one that was craving something more.

I pounced on it.

He didn’t know what hit him, honestly. I started prying the same questions and finding out more about him, until all his dirty little secrets came pouring out. He was craving dark meat – and more than just what he could find online! He was a porn-junkie, there was nothing he couldn’t find. But he had never seen a big, thick black cock in front of him before. And when I arranged it all, he nearly lost his mind.. He played the hidden-boyfriend card, hiding in the closet while I brought over one of my old friends. His first time cuckold experience was spent hiding, stroking his cock, and drooling over it all.

I unfortunately had to let my fuckbuddy go home a little early – I’d love to keep him over all night, but my poor little cuck would have to spend the entire time locked up. I should have kept him over anyway, but I had a little moment of kindness. So when my black cocked friend finally left, I slowly came back over to the closet.. And of course, he was a total mess. He had cum all over himself from how much he’d been jerking off, and I could tell right then: he’d found his favorite new fetish, there was no convincing him otherwise.

Come play with me. 

Your Taboo Phone Sex Princess

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