This is part 3 of First-time Cuckold Experience: My 1st Cuckold.  If you have not gotten a chance to read Part 1 and   2 please read Part 1 and Part 2 before continuing this blog.   If you have already read them both then let’s continue with my naughty cuckold blog

 My first-time cuckold has just had his first taste of cock.

When we left off in part 2, my first-time cuckold was sucking my pussy juice off of his teammate’s cock.   Being so turned on that my pussy began leaking uncontrollably.  I watched my cuckold devours that cock like a real slut, licking it clean as pre-cum poured from his cock.   I had never seen him so fucking hot.

Now it’s time to see how far he will really go!

I loved how turned on he was.  Feeling like getting a little more comfortable, I suggested we head to his parent’s bedroom.  All three followed like puppies.   I had my cuck and I sucked one teammate while I took the other from behind, my favorite doggy style.    It was so fucking erotic watching and hearing my cock slurp and suck on that fat dick with me.  He passed that sweet cock meat between the two of us unable to decide who sucked his cock the best. We made such a great hot cock sucking team he could not help but explode in our mouths.

Directing my cuckold to lie on the bed I kissed my first-time cuckold and stroked his cock.  I directed him to pull his legs up and I guided his teammate into him.   He slowing pumped my cucks tight virgin hole, while I climbed on top of him.  I slid that wet cunt up and down on my cucks hard dick while his teammate slow fucked his ass.  It felt incredible.  It was the first time his cock had ever felt so hard inside me.  His teammate increased his stroke as did I.  As his teammate exploded in him, my cuckold could no longer hold it back his own orgasm anymore.   He exploded the same way in me.  Damn, I am wet just tell you this.  From that day on I was hooked.

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