That was a fucking hot threesome that we were going to have before you lost your housewife to a cuckold wife. I am sure you had thought you had won the lottery that day. After all, all you did was use the bathroom at the bar that night. You knew your wife was a rather attractive woman. You thought she might attract the attention of more than a few men. However, when you exited the bathroom stall and saw it was the attention of a sexy barely legal brunette she was talking to you could barely contain your excitement. Although, you did play it cool coming over and buy the two of us drinks.

Then, after a few more rounds we established the three of us were off to a hot taboo adventure. As you drove the car your wife and I began our play time. I slid my hand under her dress and pulled her wet silky panties to the side. She kissed up my neck and squeezed my perky tits in her hand. She whispered in my ear “I have needed some real pleasure in my life for years,” as you watched us in the rearview. Then, as I removed her panties and placed them on your shoulder we pulled into your driveway.

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How nice it was of you to open up the door for us. We didn’t have to stop playing with each other as we stepped through your threshold. It didn’t take me much time to slip your wife out of that dress and have her pushed onto your marriage bed. Then, my face dives right into her beautifully milfy muff. I am sure you had good intentions when you bent me over to fuck me. You were stiff and hard, however, there was no way I was going to fuck something so pathetic. Your own wife didn’t want you there was no way I would!

I stopped eating that delicious cunt and turned around pushing you back. No way is your dick going inside of us! Your cock was not even bigger than my hand. No worries though. You were more than welcome to watch as my black friend fucks me and your wife. The hot threesome of her dreams. After all, it is not her fault that she has been sexually dissatisfied married to a loser for all these years. Welcome to your new family position of cuck!

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