Giving a man his first time cuckold experience is one of my biggest turn-ons. I love thinking about my first cuckold, the one that started it all. Who would have thought that after that one experience I would be making cuckolds all over the world? I bet you want to know all about that.

My first time cuckold lover.

Sure I was young, but I have always known exactly what I wanted. At 16 I had been dating a very popular guy, and boy was he hot. He was a little older than me a senior, but I had him wrapped around my finger. Being on the Football, basketball, and soccer teams he always had a lot of hot friends around. He was not the biggest in the cock department but definitely not the smallest. He was average about 6″ but pretty thick. We were so close and talked about everything. Often he told me about the well-hung boys from the locker room, and boy did it have me interested.

This is how it started…

One night we had a party at his parent’s house, they were in Cancun for the next 2 weeks. It was so live, we partied like our lives were depending on it. I was dancing and being sandwiched by two of my boyfriend’s sexy teammates. Both of their hard cocks pressed against me. They thrust and moved against me making my panties soaked with my own cum. I looked over at my boyfriend standing with a drink in one hand and the other hand covering his hard cock. It was as if he was reading my mind and getting hard thinking about my dirty thoughts. As the party was winding down and people started to leave, I found my two dance partners and asked them to stay to help clean up. With a wicked grin from to two of them, they said sure they would love to.

The night just got interesting!

After calling my parents and letting them know I would be spending the rest weekend with my girlfriend Kelly I began to put my plan into motion. I turned to my boyfriend and said, “I am going to fuck your friends.” He looked shocked at my boldness, but his cock began to push his jeans to the limit. Kissing him on the lips passionately and got up and walked downstairs where his friends were sitting on the couch. I undressed in front of them and dropped to my knees, sucking them. My mouth going from cock to cock. I heard my man come into to the room. Turning my head in his direction, I told him ” this pussy is not going to eat its self.” He happily placed his face between my ass cheeks and began to devour my pussy, getting it ready to be fucked.  I bet you are dying to know what happened next, stay tuned for First time cuckold experience: My 1st Cuckold part 2.

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