My sub’s feet fetish drives him wild.

Feet fetish subs are so much fun to play with! It’s always ridiculously entertaining to strut around and watch him slowly lose his mind, specially when I’ve just bought new heels or something. He has a specific type.. Though he may love any type of heels that I could buy and wear for him, black stilettos really drive the point home. I even have a few pairs of red-bottomed ones that I know get the point across even more. However, his absolute favorites are the peep-toe heels that show off my little pedicured toes, and you know I always get the bright red polish to match the soles! I swear, he gets naughtier and naughtier by the day, and his fetishes just keep on going.

I swear he’s a little cuckold in the closet, too..

But luckily for this little kinkster, I have plenty of experience in teasing him with heels and cuckolding.. So once I find out every little thing he’s craving, the boy is in for one hell of a surprise. The focus will stay on the heels, and I may take it as far as tying him up on the floor rather than the bed. That way, I can strut around him and gently stroke his cheek with my heels, so he’s entirely at my mercy. I can see him twitching and tensing up with sheer temptation already.. He’d practically be begging for it, once he catches a scent of my feet. I would make sure to wear the heels all day, so that he could really get the full experience as he’s laying there. Maybe I’ll just have to place one of my feet on his chest, to further reiterate that he’s MY toy.

Come play with me. 

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