One Friday afternoon, I got on the bus directly after work and planned on heading to a bar in the area to meet some girlfriends for drinks.  I changed into a sexy little sundress before leaving the office and had my work clothes stuffed into a large bag, which I had slung over my shoulder.  As expected, the bus was full so I climbed in, maneuvered my way towards the back where it was less crowded and grabbed the overhead handrail and held on tight as the bus pulled away from the curb.

As we stopped and started, the people around me shifted and I stepped back to avoid getting elbowed and inadvertently pressed my back against someone’s chest.  I turned quickly and smiled apologetically at the young man standing behind me.  He smiled back at me and I quickly turned away again.  I blushed a little.  He was a really good looking guy, a bit grungy but pretty sexy.  I was able to notice that his T shirt fit very nicely over his very muscular chest.

After a few minutes, I started to become aware that he was leaning in closer and closer to me.  I stiffened at first.  This is the kind of thing your mother warns you about.  If a man is standing too close, you are to run to the front of the bus and stay close to the bus driver.  I didn’t tense up because I was afraid.  I tensed up because I was starting to become aroused.  I could smell his muskiness and I was getting turned on by it.

As the bus turned a corner, I felt his hand brush up against my ass.  He did it again a minute later and then again, becoming bolder each time, letting his hand linger longer.  I felt his knuckle drag up and down my ass crack over my dress, slowly and firmly.  Then his hand slid down to the bottom of my ass and gave it a firm squeeze, his fingers pushing into my ass slightly.  I glanced around but nobody was paying any attention to us.  

I felt his breath on my ear.  “Nobody is watching.” he whispered.  I just nodded my head in agreement and noticed then that I was holding my breath.  He put his hands on my waist and turned my body slightly to the right and stepped closer so that he was now pressed against me.  I tried to keep my facial expression casual, but it was a challenge.  He moved his hand down to my thigh and slid it up to my panties.  He put his hand over my pussy and raked his finger across my panties.  I shuddered and he chuckled quietly at my response.  I lowered my bag so that it covered the lower part of my body, giving us more privacy.

He slid his fingers right into my pussy and held them still until my shuddering slowed down.  He began to massage my clit with his fingers, very slowly and gently, pressing just firm enough to make me bite my bottom lip.  My breathing quickened and I tried to control it.

“Your cunt… is dripping wet.” he whispered in my ear.  I let out the tiniest whimper in response and quickly cleared my throat to try to cover it up.  I glanced around again and again, nobody seemed to be watching us at all.  I began to rotate my hips in small circles, helping him to stimulate my clit.  

“I want to taste you….” he whispered as he began to finger fuck me slowly but deeply.  I felt how slippery my pussy was and I bounced slightly, riding his fingers.  I felt the start of my orgasm and I squeezed my pussy walls around his fingers.  He quickened his pace, sensing I was ready.

I turned my head slightly towards him and whispered, “Please don’t stop.”  He didn’t stop.  He let me cum all over his fingers.  I pressed my face into my raised arm to hide the fact that I was orgasming on this crowded bus.  

He slowly pulled his fingers out of me and raised his fingers to his lips and began to lick them, looking right into my eyes as I watched him.  

I heard the bus driver call my stop and I gave him a quick kiss on the lips and made my way to the exit.  He didn’t protest or try to keep me on the bus, he simply smiled and waved his hand at me.  I stood on the sidewalk and looked for him through the windows of the bus as it pulled away.  He was looking at me too with a very satisfied smile on his face.  

I was disoriented at first then realized where I was and started to walk towards the bar and my waiting friends.  I could not wait to tell them all about the best bus ride of my life!

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