Star Wars Fantasy Sex Stories – Darth Vader Fucks Princess Leia, Part IV

Fantasy Sex Stories and Star Wars are words you usually don’t see together often. BUT, my dirty little horny perverted geeks and nerds! It’s time to continue our sci-fi incest sex stories from last week!

So Lord Vader had been fantasizing about Princess Leia for a while now and finally taken over the interrogation process. And as soon as she was injected, he told her she was feeling EXTREMELY horny. His suggestion seemed to impact the Princess, for her white dress around her crotch area became wet. Very very quickly, too.

Lord Vader was always efficient, so he asked her for the location of the Rebel base. He figured her trance horny state of mind might make her speak. But it wasn’t the case. He asked her again for the information and she still refused. His cock hardened at the thought of forcing himself on her. He was glad she wasn’t cooperating. It was making the fantasy sex stories and dreams he’d had about her even hotter.

With the Princess restrained, he began groping her tits. She tried to pull away but he just grew more aggressive, holding her down while he fondled her petite body. The curious thing was, that she was definitely getting wetter but she was still trying to break away. Finally she spat at him. He just laughed and said she needed to save that for his cock.

Her eyes grew big in surprise and she tried to fight him even more. What she didn’t realize was that was exactly what was turning on Lord Vader. He wanted her to fight him. The fantasy sex stories he’d imagined always involved having forced sex with the poor Princess.

As she stared at him, he finally whispered, “it is useless to resist, Princess.” Then he proceeded to stick his big black cock all the way inside her mouth.

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