Star Wars Fantasy Sex Stories – Darth Vader Fucks Princess Leia, Part II 

Fantasy Sex Stories and Star Wars are words you usually don’t find together. BUT, my dirty little horny perverted geeks! It’s time to continue our sci-fi forced sex stories from last week!

If you recall, Princess Leia was captured aboard the Tantive IV at the start of A New Hope. So here’s what really happened and what you didn’t get to see. Trust me, it’s better than ALL of the Star Wars fantasy sex stories you could possibly imagine!

Princess Leia was always strong, hot headed, high and mighty and very confident as a spy for the Rebel Alliance. Being imprisoned didn’t dampen her spirits, even commenting to Lord Vader that she’d “recognized his foul stench when she was brought on board”. Then she was tortured for information by an interrogation droid regarding the secret location of the Rebel base.

The high and mighty Princess Leia was injected with a drug that made her susceptible to external suggestions. The plan had been designed by Grand Moff Tarkin himself. He was meant to pretend to be part of the rebellion and ask her where the plans were. In theory, the Princess should, under the influence, cave in to his wishes. If that didn’t work, then there were several other things to try, such as giving her the illusion she was being burned alive, for instance, to make her talk.

However, nothing worked on the beautiful Princess Leia. She would certainly scream when subjected to “imaginary pain” but nothing would make her shout out the priceless information.

This is when these Star Wars fantasy sex stories become really, really interesting…

What Grand Moff Tarkin didn’t know was that Darth Vader had been watching all of these interrogation sessions very closely. And he’d secretly been getting EXTREMELY aroused. Probably something about how Leia’s white dress clung to her toned, curvy body… When she screamed out in pain, it made his lightsaber dick harden. Or maybe it was the way her nipples always poked through when she got injected by the droid? Either way, Darth Vader would go back in his quarters after each session, make up dirty sex stories in his head, and stroke his big cock until it exploded.

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