Star Wars Fantasy Sex Stories – Darth Vader Fucks Princess Leia, Part III 

Fantasy Sex Stories and Star Wars are words you usually don’t see together often. BUT, my dirty little horny perverted geeks and nerds! It’s time to continue our sci-fi kinky sex stories from last week! (And on May the Fourth too… How fucking appropriate is that!)

So Lord Vader had made it a habit of watching the strong, beautiful Princess get tortured in the hopes she would reveal the location of the Rebel base.

In truth, he was beginning to feel a strong bond through the Force that connected him to the Princess. He suspected they were possibly related and that only turned him on even more. So he would go back to his quarters and pleasure himself thinking about incest sex stories that involved Princess Leia.

So a couple of weeks or so passed, and Grand Moff Tarkin had made no progress. Only Lord Vader was enjoying the whole tedious process, making up fantasy sex stories in his head about the Princess while jacking off every night. Finally it came to a point where his guided masturbation sessions (guided by the Force, of course) no longer satisfied him.

One day Vader commanded Grand Moff Tarkin to leave the room and that he would take over the torturous interrogations sessions. As soon as Princess Leia got injected, Darth Vader leaned forward and looked at her square in the eyes. But instead of telling her she was in pain, that she being crushed into pieces and could only be relieved of her suffering by speaking up, he sat down in front her. Then he simply told her that she was beginning to feel very, very horny.

Sure enough, the Princess’ defiant look withered away. Her white dress became wet around the crotch area, allowing Vader to make out the outline of his daughter’s pussy lips peaking through.

More to 2 Cum!

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