Star Wars Fantasy Sex Stories – Darth Vader Fucks Princess Leia, Part VI

Fantasy Sex Stories and Star Wars are words you usually don’t see together often. BUT, my dirty little horny perverted geeks and nerds! It’s time to wrap up our sci-fi incest sex stories from the past few weeks!

So Dark Vader was there, finally making his Princess Leia fantasy sex stories and dreams cum to life. Balls deep in her pussy, feeling the dark side of the force, he kept thrusting deeper and deeper inside her.

He began pounding into her harder and faster until his balls began to draw up. Her screams turned to moans and he could tell that she was done pretending to resist. The high and mighty Princess Leia was enjoying his evil cock pounding away at her tight cunt. Once he heard her horny sighs get louder, he let out in between two deep “Vader” breaths, “Well Your Highness, you didn’t think that it would feel so good experience the Dark Side, did you?“

With that said, he unloaded his strong seed deep inside of her womb. He pulled out his cock, got dressed and threw her clothes at her and told her to do the same.

She knew he was right. Princess Leia had been slowly warming up to the idea of fucking the dark Sith Lord and also been thinking fantasy sex stories and other types of dirty sex stories that involved Darth Vader. She also felt connected to him, just as he did to her; maybe part of her knew she was fucking her own father but she didn’t care. Her taste of the dark side had left her wanting more.

And “more” is exactly what she got from Vader for the next week or so. That is, until Luke Skywalker finally showed up to “rescue” her.

Now perhaps you understand who Rey is in the new trilogy and why she was kept such a secret from everyone!

Hope you enjoyed my version of the interrogation scene from A New Hope!

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