Star Wars Fantasy Sex Stories – Darth Vader Fucks Princess Leia, Part V

Fantasy Sex Stories and Star Wars are words you usually don’t see together often. BUT, my dirty little horny perverted geeks and nerds! It’s time to continue our sci-fi incest sex stories from last week!

So Dark Vader was interrogating the drugged Princess Leia and had just shoved his big black cock inside her pretty little mouth. All that did was make his lightsaber dick twitch and harden even more.

As he started fucking her mouth, her eyes widened and she tried to pull back but he held her head tightly so she couldn’t move. Again, he noticed her nipples get getting more and more erect as though she was getting turned on. But she kept trying to fight him in vain.

Feeling his cock hit the back of her throat was even better than in all the fantasy sex stories and scenarios he’d imagined.

He stopped fucking her mouth for a bit, removing all of this clothes except for his helmet. He was going to have forced sex with the princess and if she secretly enjoyed it, even better!

Once he was naked he ripped off her clothes and gazed at her firm tits. With her hands bound, he flipped her over and pulled her sweet little ass up into the air in front of him. As she squirmed beneath his touch, the head of his cock found the warmth of her slit and began to push it inside of her.

His massive cock stretched her tight pussy and he had to work it in and out a few times, little by little, until he finally slammed down into her. Balls deep in Princess pussy, Lord Vader began grunting, feeling the Force pulsing stronger and stronger through his veins.

Have you fantasized about Darth Vader and Princess Leia having father – daughter sex before? I know I have! So tell me, what sort of sci-fi fantasy sex stories do you have?

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