Family Sex Stories Shows Us the Value of Family Bonding!

I love hot family sex stories.  My sister Renee was taking one of several business courses to earn a degree in Business.  Towards the middle of the semester, Renee was told she had to apply for an internship to gain experience and learn from someone more experienced.  Renee leafed through the various options.  She settled on a large firm in Miami.  Renee arranged an interview for the next day.  Little did she know this intern position would change her life.

On the day of the interview she wore her finest business suit.  She made a very good impression and was approved to intern at the office.  She would run various errands, organize the office, make appointments, learn filing,, and any other task Renee was asked to perform.  One day the secretary called her and stated the Boss wanted to meet with her to discuss her progress at the company.  This was a big deal!

Renee stepped into the Boss’s office.

Upon entering the office she was very surprised to see her favorite uncle behind the desk.  He looked very handsome in his suit.  They made pleasant small talk.  Renee was very nervous and had to make an effort to hold still.  Uncle Wilson praised Renee for her exceptional performance.  He informed Renee a position was going to become available in two weeks and that this would be a great opportunity for her to apply.  Uncle Wilson explained there would be a few other candidates applying most of whom already worked for the firm.

Renee was adamant she was the right woman for the job.  Then Uncle Wilson said something that both surprised and frightened her.  Her acceptance at the firm to intern was no accident.  Uncle Wilson had always fancied his niece.    He had watched Renee grow up.  Just looking at Renee’s developing body excited him.  It especially excited him to see Renee wearing as little as possible.

Wilson could see Renee’s eagerness to apply and Renee stated she would do anything to get this job.

Uncle Wilson closed and locked the door.  He had Renee come around the desk and sit on his lap.  Renee could feel his excitement under her bottom.  His cock was bulging and throbbing.  He wanted her now!  He ordered Renee to slowly strip before him.   You see, Renee by that time had become quite the slight at college and had loads of sexual experience.  She was not the good girl she portrayed herself to be.

Renee understood what her uncle wanted dropped to her knees and removed his throbbing tool from his pants.  His cock sprung forth brushing her face.  Renee eagerly sucked the head tasting its salty goodness.  Her pink tongue snaked around his hole and savored each drop of pre cum.  Wilson had never felt a mouth so warm and exciting, even better than his wife’s who he had become quite bored.  Renee took his cock down her throat eager to show him how well she could handle her job.  He moaned as he went into a place of forbidden lust.

All those fantasies of his young niece came flooding back to him more real than ever.

Uncle Wilson loved the family sex stories taboo thoughts that roamed his mind but never dreamed this would become a reality.  His young niece was before him on her knees willing to please him.  He ordered Renee up on the desk to spread her legs.  He buried his face between her thighs tasting her sweet mound and sucking her tortured clit.  She screamed and fucked her uncle’s face wetting it with her juices.  Uncle Wilson could not wait any longer.  He had to have her now, to unload his cum inside of that tight pink pussy.  He wanted to fill her with all of his pent-up lust.  So much would take place and Uncle Wilson would teach Renee so much.

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