Read This Brother Sister Sex Story Where A Boring Afternoon Inside the House Turns Into An Erotic Wrestling Ring!

Normally the thought of even touching your brother or sister may send a stop sign in your head but wait till I tell you this hot brother sister sex story!  I’ve always had secret fantasies about Daddy’s Big Cock but had little thought about my brother.  My parents went out for a well-deserved date with mom.  They trusted us to keep a good house while they were gone and to play nice.  They would be back in a few hours.

For a while, we watched TV and snacked in the living room.  This evening was so boring.  I wasn’t allowed to go to any of my friend’s houses while my parents were out tonight.  I resented being in the house.  My brother came over to me.  He suggested we play a game to pass the time and get rid of the boredom.  I reluctantly agreed.  He picked me up and placed me on his lap while we talked.  I moved uncomfortably around.  I could feel something hard poking my bottom.

My breath caught in my throat as I came to the realization that my brother was having fun with me on his lap.  Now I do have to admit I always had a crush on my brother.  He was a year and a half older than me.  I looked up to him.  Apparently, he was looking up to me right now, in a way.  He began to tickle me.  I started giggling and struggling to free myself from his grasp.  The last time he tickled me I peed.  I secretly wondered if he thought this was good sex therapy or brother sister bonding.

Now I’m sure you’ve heard stories about step sister and step brother.  I crawled away from him but he pursued me on the floor and pounced upon my body.  He was very close now.  I could feel his strong chest pressing into me.  I struggled beneath him.  For a moment I was able to lift him and free myself but he pinned me again.  His hardness rubbed into my leg.  His breath came faster.  I screamed as I tore loose and jumped on him straddling him with my legs.

He easily flipped me onto my back.  I had a feeling he was just letting me think I could win.  My brother is very close now.  He kissed my cheeks then my lips, then the side of my neck.  I was melting into a puddle of goo.  I felt helpless and turned on at the same time.  His hard penis on my thigh was driving me crazy.  I wondered what it would be like to bed the brother I always had strong feelings.  I can’t wait to tell you more about our exciting adventures and our further bonding together.

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