Dirty Sex Stories: Making Cum-Filled Doughnuts With My Sexy Lesbian GF

Dirty Sex Stories – Cum doughnuts are exactly what they sound like: doughnuts filled with creamy, delicious jizz.

You see, I happen to love cum. I love its texture, the way it splatters on my tits and face when a guy cums all over me, and the way my skin feels after I rub his spunk on my skin. Sticky, yummy and heavenly.

I love the smell and taste of jizz the most. The feeling on warm cum pouring down my throat is the best. When I hear a stupid twat say she prefers to spit it out, I wanna slap her across the face. What the fuck is wrong with her??! Cum is the best part of fucking! Spitting it out is like having cake and passing on the icing!

Since I have a MAJOR cum fetish, I’ve always imagined custard doughnuts were filled with jizz instead. So it’s only natural that one day, I invited my sexy ass GF Alyssa over to make our very own cum-filled doughnuts.

Alyssa and I make a lot of men happy, so fortunately, we have access to LOTS of cum all the time.

That, and as my stories about sex prove, (including my extensive knowledge of porn sex), cumming every day has TONS of health benefits so it’s a real win-win situation.. That’s right: an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away!

The first thing we had to do was sample all the spunk we’d stocked up on and make sure it was of premium quality.

Enjoying my cum-filled dirty sex stories??? Keep reading!

Cum tastes better when it’s shared. Who can disagree with that? So in the midst of our cum tasting and sampling session, I stuck a tablespoon of jizz in Nicole’s mouth, then proceeded to stick my tongue in there too and made sure everything tasted perfect.

Both the spunk and Alyssa tasted fucking awesome.

They say food tastes better when it’s made with love. I say it tastes better when it’s made with cum.

Especially when you make desert with a slutty GF who loves jizz just as much as you do.

We never quite finished making all of our sweet doughnuts. But we sure as fuck had a blast sampling and tasting our loads of spunk, all over each other – and especially when making and savoring our exquisite Carmen and Alyssa cream pies.

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