I have a cum fetish… do you?

I have a cum fetish. I love cum! Love how it tastes, how it looks, how it feels inside me and on me! I love to get you to cum HARD for me! I want to make you give me all that cum. My favorite way to make a man cum though is giving him a truly explosive blowjob! Once I get the taste of your cock in my mouth, I want to make it cum for me! Having a cum fetish, I get so excited when your cock starts to get hard. I love to open my mouth wide and get that hard cock all the way in my throat. I want you to push it….pump it….. even gag me with your cock, baby! Mmm, I love it so much.

The idea that you’ll reward me for my cum fetish with a nice hot load makes my pussy dripping wet. As I suck your cock more and fuck your cock into my face harder, my panties eventually get soaked in pussy juice! Mmmm I love to moan on your cock while I have it in my mouth, sliding in and out, my velvety tongue pressed up against the bottom of your cock. Oh, that cock feels so good in my mouth. I want you to push my head on it, and use my face as a masturbation device.

I love the sounds a good blowjob makes! The sloppy wet sound of your cock going in and out of my mouth.

The way I gag on it as you jam it down my throat. The deep moans I make on that cock as you fuck my face real good. I love when you pull the head of your cock out of my cheek and make a ‘pop’ sound. I especially love it when you tell me how good your cock feels in my warm wet mouth. Mmm yes baby, tell me to keep sucking it just like this! I want to make you squirt that load of cum, baby… Want to drain every last drop of cum from your full balls! I want all of that cum, baby! Having a cum fetish, I really don’t care how you want to dump that load of cum. I just need to see it and feel it, and hopefully taste it! Mmmm, please help me out with my cum fetish and let me see you cum…

Mmmm maybe you’ll give me a nice hot facial? You let me suck that cock really good until you’re about to blow your load and then you tell me to stick my tongue out while you spray my face and hair with that warm cum! Ohh yes, I love it when you paint my face with your cum! Or maybe you want to make me keep going with your cock in my mouth while you cum down my throat? Make me gag on all that yummy cum! Ohh yes! I love to feel your cock as you cum right in my mouth! I also love a nice load on my tits or my ass.

Another favorite of mine is spreading my legs and playing with my pussy while you jack off and dump a nice big load right on my pussy lips.

I like to take a finger and scoop some up and taste that warm load! Mmm, it tastes so good baby! It’s true, my cum fetish is pretty extreme. I also love when you bend me over and work a big wet load of cum into my fertile pussy. Ohh it feels so good when you shoot that load deep inside me! Give me all of it, let me milk that cock with my tight little pussy! Finally, I go really wild when you fuck my tight little ass and dump your load deep inside my ass! I feel it so well, how your cock twitches and pumps it out inside my ass.

Now tell me, do you have a cum fetish too? There are so many great ways to experience cum! I hope you’ll share some of your favorites with me!

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