Do you think you have a cum fetish?  Many people have a strong craving for cum.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a cum fetish.  The intensity varies from person to person. Women aren’t the only cum lovers.   There are a lot of men who crave the sight, smell, texture, as well as the taste of the creamy white goo. There are a variety of ways you can feed your cum fetish.

  • Facials – What is a facial?  In the world of “sex” facials are when a man dumps his creamy love load all over his partner’s face. This partner can either be male or female. You would be surprised how many men love being turned into a cum dumpster to satisfy their cum fetish needs.
  • Cum Stained Belongings –  There are a variety of ways this part of a cum fetish can be explored. First – an individual can cum on their own personal items, such as underwear, towels, or other items. Some people get very creative.   You would be surprised some of the stories I have heard.  Second – Some men and even woman love to buy personal items from their favorite PSO. (Wicked LiL Laugh) Some people even buy – used cum-filled condoms. Hey, guys, that’s a way you can make a few bucks.  Let’s team up!   I will help you get off.  Fill a condom each time you call.  $$$  Perfect way to satisfy your cum fetish needs and make a few bucks.  (Wicked LiL Laugh) Be careful who you sell it to – Don’t want any Baby Mama’s out there.
  • Cum Drinking –  Some guys love the taste of cum. They love it so much that they cum into a shot glass and drink it. A popular way is cumming on food – cookies, cheese or cupcakes to name a few. A “snack” is put on a plate – the guy then cums on the snack and the satisfy his cum fetish by devouring the “snack” afterward. Glory holes are also a VERY popular adventure for men who love to drink cum.  They satisfy their cum fetish by getting plenty of anonymous loads of cum.

Ready to explore ALL your Cum Fetish Needs?

Let’s get the Cum Party started!!!   We can explore Cuckold cream pie – How about that?  You know I have no problem encouraging you to explore your cum fetish needs. Would you like to know the MORE details? Anything goes Fetish Masturbation is always one of the best phone sex experiences. Maybe you can share your personal Cum Fetish experiences with me.  Ok I know this is wishful thinking – We can always die trying  – I can’t teach you how to Suck Your Own Dick  Call me! You will never be the same, you will enjoy naughty fetish phone sex with this sexy Mistress/Goddess of phone sex. Each experience will satisfy your personal needs.  Cum Play!

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Cum Fetish




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