My new neighbor and I got a surprise when we found out about my boyfriend’s cum fetish.

In the past, I dated this guy that had a huge cum fetish that I was not even aware of.  Let me tell you how I found out. He lived in another city close by and was coming back home for the weekend so I decided to throw a party.  I invited my cute next door neighbor because he was new to town and I was going to introduce him to my boyfriend.  The party started dying down and everyone was gone by 2 am except my boyfriend and I and my neighbor.

So I decided to make things a little bit interesting and put some porn on. My neighbor got up to leave but I insisted that he stay.  We all watched it for a while and started to become horny. I grabbed my boyfriend and started making out with him and I noticed my neighbor stand up to walk away. So I explained to him that my boyfriend and I always had this fantasy about fucking in front of someone.  So he decided to stay and watch.  I noticed my neighbor was getting hard as a rock so I suggested that he played with himself while he watched us.

 So he pulled it out and to my amazement it was a really thick, long cock that was bigger than my boyfriend’s.  

He started to stroke it and I told him to move over closer to us so we could get a better view of him being aroused by us.  Got up close to us and was only about a foot away from our heads. He attentively watched my boyfriend pound my tight little pussy. I could see the pleasure on my neighbor’s face. He kept stroking it and then I saw a tenseness come over his face.  He then gasped “I’m going to cum!” All of a sudden my boyfriend jumped off of me and wrapped his mouth around my neighbor’s cock and swallowed the whole load.

My boyfriend was super embarrassed so he ran into the bathroom, leaving me and the neighbor to wonder what the fuck just happened.

I looked at my neighbor and said to him that I had no idea that he would do that and got up and went to check on my boyfriend. I knocked on the door and told him to come out and explain what had happened. However, my boyfriend would not come out of the bathroom so I threatened him that I would fuck my neighbor if he did not come out. There was nothing but silence so I walked back over to my neighbor and started sucking his still hard cock. His cock was so huge that I just had to know what it would feel like deep in my wet pussy.

So I pulled him on top of me and slid his cock into me. It was a tight fit but it felt so amazing that I had no idea that my boyfriend was now watching us. When the neighbor was about to cum he pulled his cock out of me and shot his load all over my stomach. My neighbor felt exhausted laying next to me on the bed. That is when my boyfriend came over and crawled between my legs and started to lick all the cum off of my body.  

It was actually pretty hot and I was turned on by it so I went with it.  

When he was done I sat up and asked him to explain why he swallowed the load off my neighbor’s cock then off of my body. He explained that while he was at college he experimented with a couple -guys and realized that he really liked the taste of cum and sucking cock.  The relationship didn’t last much longer because of his cum fetish.

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