Babysitter Sex Stories only get more fun the more people you add!

Babysitter sex stories are so great! I was babysitting for a neighbor a while back and got caught literally with my pants down!  My neighbor came home when I was in bed with his teen daughter!

Okay, so here’s what happened:

My neighbor, Chad, asked me to sit for his kids for a few hours while he went out for work. No problem! Well, about an hour in, the younger son went to bed and it was just me and his daughter, Sarah, who was 15.  She really probably could have been babysitting, but my neighbor wanted an adult.

After a while, Sarah and I were talking about boys and sex and both got really turned on, so we decided to head up to her parents’ room-they had the bigger bed, after all. We had just gotten naked and my tongue had just touched her wet pussy when the door opened and her dad walked in.

How much trouble are we in?

He stood there in shock for a minute and I continued to lick his daughter’s pussy. I could see he was getting hard watching us and finally he decided to join in.  He pulled his pants off and walked over to the bed. I kept right on licking as his daughter moaned and he stuck his hard cock right in her mouth.

Chad let his daughter suck on his cock a while as he watched me lick her pussy, but then he couldn’t take it anymore and moved me out of the way to get at that tight teen cunt.  He shoved his cock in that wet pussy and fucked her hard. I climbed on the bed and lowered my pussy right on Sarah’s face.  She was already really good with her tongue, I came hard, dripping all over her face while watching her father fuck her.

It wasn’t long until she was coming and crying out in pleasure, too. Her dad finally emptied his load inside her and collapsed on the bed next to us.

“So,” I said, “same time next week?” Who knew babysitting would be this much fun?

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