Cum eating is part of the job description? Sign Larry up!

Cum eating is a necessary part of life.  We all know about those guys who go into adult book shops for a little ‘fun’ in the back rooms.  All he needs is privacy, ten minutes, and an optional hole in the wall.  Well, no one ever thinks about who cleans up afterward; Those nasty men who bust their nuts all over the walls and floor aren’t stopping to wipe up after themselves.  So the ultimate question is asked; where does it all go?

Enter: Larry!

Larry loooooooves what he does.  He’s an unsung hero of sorts.  Underappreciated yet critical to keeping things clean on his watch so that the next gentleman doesn’t have to worry.   When a patron leaves the back facilities, Larry’s mouth automatically starts watering and he’s hoping to get in while that load is still fresh.  Now, where is it?  Ah, there it is, dripping down the wall.  Damn, what a big load.  He must have been holding it in for weeks!  Larry’s tongue presses up against it.  Mmmm, delicious!  As it disappears into his mouth in an instant, Larry feels his own nut brewing inside his balls.  He loves eating cum that much.

Looks like someone else is leaving…

Larry recognizes the guy.  He always chooses the booth at the end because he likes using the glory hole.  Larry would love to suck him dry but he always wears a condom.  Still, that doesn’t stop our nasty, cum eating pervert.  That guy always leaves his condom behind.  When he finds it, Larry can never bring himself to just toss it.  When he picks it up, there’s just so much heft to it.  He slides it right over his own cock.  Ooooo, it’s still warm.  A lover of cum like Larry never lasts.  He soon feels his own cum mixing in with the other load.  Finally, Larry peels off the condom and sucks down every drop.  The bell rings as a new customer enters.


Are you a ‘Larry’ (aka a fag)?  Call me for some cum eating phone sex and tell me how much you love it!