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I am not about to forget those balls neither

After all, these sacs of yours hold a lot of stock whenever it comes to me. Turning my head upside down I will dip them one at a time into my mouth. Moving my tongue from one to another I will be sure to get those juices of yours flowing. Then, there will be no hesitation for me to get right back to that shaft and get nice and sloppy. The more drool flows down my chin the better. I was you to gag me till saliva is flowing down my chest. Then, hold the back of your knees so I can take care of that ass hole!

Give me the cum eating I desire from you baby!

There is nothing better than having you ass eaten. My hand will keep stroking that cock of yours as I look up at you with my big brown eyes. Then stuff yourself back into my mouth. Moans will vibrate against the tip of your dick as you inch closer to climax. I want to feel you explode in the back of my throat. Feed me every last drop of cum you have in those ball baby. This is the best phone sex you have ever had!

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