Benefits of Cum Eating – Your Slutty Doctor is IN!

Cum eating – did I manage to grab your attention with these two word? Well then hello naughty boys – I’m sure ALL of you LOVE it when a girl or guy swallows your cum. Or perhaps licks it off another woman’s tits? You get the jizz…oops, I mean the gist.

Cum eating is not only deliciously kinky, but it’s actually fuck-tastically good for you.  And I’m not just talking about it being a huge turn on. Yes, cum is actually HEALTHY for you if you ingest it!

So if your girlfriend / wife is boring, prude, has a stick up her ass or acts like cum eating is the grossest thing in the world, tell her she doesn’t know SHIT.

Don’t believe me? It’s time for a quick lesson on cum eating with your favorite slutty, sexy professor!

First of all, cum eating is one my favorite things to do. It’s so fucking creamy, yummy and tasty. I’ll often go through phases when all I want to eat is cum. And there’s abso-fucking-lutely no reason why I shouldn’t indulge as much as I want.

So how the fuck is cum eating good for you? You man juice is actually packed with vitamins & minerals like zinc, potassium, calcium, magnesium, vitamin B12, and vitamin C, plus a bunch of others too. Oh, and your spunk even has 200 fucking separate proteins!

No wonder I’m such a nasty, dirty little cumslut with hundreds of dirty sex stories!

And if your woman is using her waistline as an excuse NOT to swallow… that’s bullshit too. On average, a delicious load of cum only contains between 5 to 25 calories.

So next time your girl starts whining and refuses to swallow, feel free to tell her she doesn’t know crap and give her my number. I’ll be glad to remedy your problem and teach her how to enjoy eating cum.

If that still doesn’t work out, now at least you know who to call when you want to experience the best and kinkiest cum eating phone sex session… Because I also happen to know the naughtiest oral sex positions that’ll make you blow your load over and over again!

So make me your dirty little cumslut and call me!