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Let’s say you are talking to sexy, slutty twins at a bar. They both have breast implants in the shape of spherical domes.

The diameter of one girl’s breast is d1 = 4 inches and it extends outwards to a distance of s1 = 11 cm from the center. The other girl’s breasts have a diameter of d2 =13 cm and extend to s2 = 4.5 inches.

If your goal is to cum on the largest tits, which girl should you take home? Refer to the following diagram for clarifications.

teacher sex stories

Now now, no need to start whining…I know you want to take BOTH girls home and titty fuck them both, amongst many many other dirty naughty things! Maybe one of my future kinky stories about sex will deal with that. But for now, back to the problem at hand.

Here are a few simple instructions you can use, should you be up for the challenge…

  • Convert all inches to centimeters; 1 inch = 2.54 cm.
  • Remember that the radius is equal to half of the diameter.
  • Use the formula for the volume of a dome with each girl’s measurements to calculate how big her deliciously bouncy tits are.
  • The formula for the volume of a dome is V = 1/6{πs(3r2 + s2)}.
  • Pick the girl with the largest volume, take her back to your place, titty fuck the shit out of her and make her your little cumslut!
That’s it! How fucking easy was that?

So which girl do you end up titty fucking? Get five extra minutes of free phone sex on your next call if you get the right answer!

teacher sex stories

teacher sex stories

teacher sex stories