Teacher Sex Stories and Lessons: Find the Average Speed of a Deep-Throat Blow-Job

Teacher Sex Stories: How do you like your blow jobs? Fast, slow, deep throat? Do you know how to calculate the average speed of an amazing, cum-exploding blow job?

Physics is a very important part of fucking.

For starters, you couldn’t have phone sex if it weren’t for physics. You couldn’t watch porn without physics. Without physics we’d be fucked, and not in a good way.

Physics isn’t that hard if you know how to put it in the right (naughty) context. So I have a delightful, raunchy surprise for you dirty boys and horny men who love kinky adult sex stories of ALL sorts! Today, I’ll be teaching you how to calculate the average speed of a blow job that’ll end up with cum dripping down your thick shaft and juicy balls.

So if you enjoy teacher sex stories about oral sex stories, keep reading!

Imagine I’m on my slutty knees giving you a nice wet blow job.

I make 3 “round-trip” passes of your stiff cock (up and down the full length) every 5 seconds. Your shaft’s length is l =15 cm and its tip, sticky with pre-cum, has a height of 1 cm. What is my average blow job speed sBJ when you blow your load in my throat after 4 minutes?

The first thing to do is take your cock out, get it nice and hard for me, and then measure it as closely as you can. You can substitute your dick measurements in the problem if you like. Just remember to do it in centimeters, cause that’s how fucking physics is done. No whining: all you have to do is multiply your inches by 2.54 cm. It’s not fucking rocket science (yet).

The full length of your rock hard cock is now its shaft plus its yummy tip, which is equal to a length of lCOCK = 15 + 1 = 16 cm.

I go up and down (so twice the length of your hard cock) three times (2 x 16 x 3 = 96 cm) in 5 seconds.

Four minutes gives us a total time tJOB = 4 x 60 = 240 seconds.

This means my slutty self swallows 96 cm of cock (240/5) = 48 times as you fuck my face with your throbbing dick.

So my hungry mouth undergoes a total displacement of dMOUTH = 48 x 96 = 4608 cm.

So what is my average blow job speed sBJ? Get a sample vid on your next call if you give me the right answer!

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