Corrupted By My Step Sister Alyson! Part 2

I was sitting on the couch next to my step sister Alyson, (part 1) feeling so nervous. I trusted her and Cody, but I wasn’t sure about all these things they were talking about. Alyson reached over and pulled my nighty up exposing more of my panties and private area. That’s when Cody got very close to me.

He reached down until his hand was on my whole vagina. I didn’t know exactly what to think. I gave a little gasp but Alyson very lovingly started to rub my hair. I could feel Cody start to move his fingers around rubbing on a spot that made me feel so amazing.

Alyson told me that I needed to learn how to pleasure a man as well. She pulled his penis out and stuck it right into her mouth I couldn’t believe what she was doing. She looked up at me and told me to taste Cody. She promised he tasted good. I leaned over and did exactly what she had been doing. I sucked hard and fast tasting his salt pre cum on my tongue.

The faster I sucked on him the harder and faster he rubbed me. The feelings that were building inside of me were becoming so intense now I couldn’t help but bob up and down as quickly as I could. I felt my pussy tighten and then begin to pulse as I hit my release. My mouth began to fill with a warm fluid that was coming out of his penis.

Alyson was telling me what a good little cocksucker I was. After we were done I sat there listening to their praises. We then began another fuck fest before my parents got home. Alyson has been the best step sister and sex teacher ever.

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