I was always the bad girl in the family, compared to my little sister Jillian that is. She was sweet, innocent and was going to be a hot little vixen when she matured. At the tender age of only 15, she was still a tightly lodged virgin. I on the other hand was not.

I had my boyfriend Cody. I lost my virginity to him when I was Jillian’s age. I could still remember how innocent I was to sex and men. Thankfully Cody was older by almost 10 years to show me the way of how men work. He called me his little concubine as a joke.

I did notice how he would eye fuck my little sister. He never hid the fact that she looked as tasty as I did at that age. He planted the seed in my mind that I should level the playing field with her. She was always the favored one, always the good one. He told me I should educate her and knock her down to my level.  I was intrigued by what Cody was suggesting, so I planned a fun night with Jillian and my boyfriend.

I told Jillian I wanted to hang out with her and have a girls night when dad and mom left on a conference. She was thrilled, what little sister wouldn’t wanna hang out with her older cooler sibling? When it was night time I told Jillian I wanted to do her hair and make up, and even dress her in some of my fun bedtime clothing. Once I was done, I told her Cody was going to come over to chill with us.

When Cody got to my house he was all smiles and being a real sweetheart. I asked Jillian if she was up for something new. We asked her some pretty embarrassing questions. We asked her if she knew about masturbating, if she knew how to touch herself. She was pretty sheltered, she blushed and giggled. She shook her head no.

I sat a little closer to her and said that Cody and I could help her with that. We could show her some fun things she could do alone, or with guys. I pulled up her nighty and said that Cody was going to touch her and make her feel really good. Which he did! His large hand cupped her small pussy and pushed against her panties until he found her clit. He massaged her until she squirmed in his hand. I told Jillian (part 2) to relax and just enjoy everything that was going on. I told her she also needed to know how to touch a man. I helped Cody pull his jeans open and pull out his hard throbbing cock.  I started to suck and lick Cody’s cock and get his precum to drip out. I took Jillian by the back of her head and guided her to him. I told her how wonderful he tasted and she should have a lick. She latched onto him and sucked his cock trying to pull more of his flavor forth.

The night was full of debauchery. Find out what happens in part 2 soon!



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