Cheating Sex Stories: Clubbing Rules With Married Men

Cheating sex stories – goshhhh I’ve loved those forever now! Let me explain why. You see, well-behaved women never make history. They also never have fun. So when I go out clubbing, I never play by the rules.

Clubbing isn’t just about drinks, dancing and drugs. When I go out to party, I always play my sexy, slutty games of seduction which then turn into cheating sex stories! These games are always best played with married men.

First rule of getting the best type of cheating sex stories is the clubbing outfit. Be sexy as fuck. Maximum skin exposure.

A nice bikini with heels always works, especially when I strip down and tare off whatever mini skirt or dress I’m wearing.

I’ll dirty dance in front of a crowd of married men with jaws wide open. If a nipple falls out, then so be it. Oooops!

Enjoying these cheating sex stories? Keep reading!

My bikini bottom is usually shear. That way you can see my juicy pussy lips poking out of there, calling out your name and tantalizing you. If I’m in the mood, I’ll auction my scattered clothes off to the highest bidder. Is that you?

What’s that you say? You’re married? You love your wife?

Oh please. I told you I had my own clubbing rules. Your ugly, boring bitch doesn’t stand a chance. If you don’t want to fuck me, then why are you still talking to me?

I know why. Fucking her is tedious – if she even agrees to it.

Your wife never gets on top. She turns off the lights. She refuses to take your dick in her prude little mouth. If by a miracle she did, she’d never swallow and spit out your entire fucking load.

Or she makes you wear a condom. You can definitely forget about free sex. Every sexual favor now comes with a price, until it doesn’t and sex just stops being an option, period. What the fuck, right? And she never watches porn. That’s why you’re becoming more and more enthralled in my slutty games of seduction and cheating sex stories.

I can tell you’re losing your will power. See? You started playing my clubbing game. You don’t stand a chance of winning either.

Can you hear the clubbing music becoming louder? I stick your finger in my mouth and slide your wedding ring off with my teeth.

I’m grinding myself against you. I’m down on the floor, looking up at you as I slowly dance back up. I’m teasing the bulge in your pants with my tongue and pushing my firm tits on your married dick as I unzip you.

The clubbing lights are getting brighter and blurrier. Who gives a fuck about the crowd? Is it even still there?

I’m straddling you on the floor. Can you feel my cunt grinding against your cock? You’ve become powerless. Just the way I like it.

I guide your hard dick inside me. No dumb prudish rules with me. Tonight you will shoot a creamy load of cum in Carmen’s Cunt.

When I finish fucking you, I stick your finger in my college girl cream pie and get it all nice and sticky. Only then do you get your wedding ring back.

Told you I always win my clubbing games.


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