I Passed my Car Inspection With Free Sex by Adding Wear and Tear!

Free sex? Most guys usually don’t turn it down! Let me tell you a little story to illustrate my point.

My car inspection was scheduled this morning. I have this sexy two-seat red convertible that I’ve been leasing for the past three years. Leasing just works better for me. It’s a bit like dating or fucking – you drive the newest models and when you’re done, you return them a little damaged but still good to go.

Or almost good to go…I’d been partying quite a lot and as a result, my sexy red car was a little bruised up.

Nothing TOO bad, but when the car inspection guy showed up, his strict gaze went right to the front of the car. There it was: a white streak with a dent, which I identified as belonging to my 5-inch Bebe platforms. From that night dancing topless at the beach. Oooops.

I tried to smile but the guy was already busy taking pics with a frown, oblivious to my cleavage and long legs.

“You know,” I cooed out, mincing around in my Daisy dukes, “you don’t really have to take pics of that…” He kinda looked up. For a split second, his eyes lingered on my legs before looking away.

I giggled, getting a little closer to him. “I mean, isn’t that tiny scratch what you hot car guys call wear and tear?” He was a well-built man in his mid-forties – and definitely fuckable! That, and I didn’t feel like blowing a grand to spruce up the car.

Free sex for some hot action and a Wear and Tear Free pass seemed like a great deal to me!

I grabbed his crotch and asked if he had any fetishes with which I could help him out. As it turns out, his snooty wife thought anal sex stories were disgusting and denied him any access to her rear end. So I slid my thong off and got in the back of the car for some hot backside action. By the time we were done, the leather interior of my sexy red convertible was covered in A LOT more wear and tear! Oh NO ;).

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