Anal Sex Stories: I Made my Sissy Boyfriend Watch & Clean Up

Anal sex stories: My boyfriend is fucking boring in bed. He never gets freaky and his dick is waaay too small. Oh, and he hates anal sex too. Like, seriously???

That’s why I decided to dump him. Well, not quite dump him, but dump him in my collection of cheating sex stories.

One night I told him I was going out and came back with two tall, muscular studs named Frederick and Hans.

We began doing shots of vodka and playing a stripping game. I was down to a g-string when my boyfriend, half-asleep, wandered into the living room in boxers.

“What the hell is going on?” he said incredulously.

“Having a little fun,” I snapped as Frederick and Hans began fondling and licking my perky tits and juicy cunt.

As he stood there befuddled, I sighed, turning over so my boys could access my tight little ass.

“Look, we both know our sex life sucks. I need to get fucked properly. I need –”I shut up and moaned. Frederick was spreading my ass cheeks while Hans was digging his tongue in there, licking me clean and tasting my yummy ass juice.

“I need more than what a small-dicked sissy like you is ever going to be able to give me.”

I could tell my boyfriend was shocked and was about to turn around, but I spoke up. “Where the fuck do you think you’re going? You’re going to stay right there. Right there like a good little – oh fuuuuck….”

Yes, Frederick’s 9-inch cock now filled my pussy as Hans shoved his thick dick down my throat. When he pulled it out, I completed my sentence.

“…like a good little sissy wimp. You’re going to watch what it’s like to fuck me properly, and when I’m done being a good little cumslut, you’re going to lick me from bottom to top and make sure I’m all nice and clean.”

“Ok,” my cuckold boyfriend finally answered in resignation like the fucktard loser he is.

I laughed. “You hear that boys? Hope you’ve got loads of warm, creamy cum to fill all three of my holes! We’ve got a little sissy wimp cuckold to feed and he’s got tons of cleaning up to so to do!”

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cheating sex stories

cheating sex stories