Let’s face it. Your chances of fucking a woman are close to zero. And your chances of actually making her cum are pretty much nonexistent.

Embarrassing sex stories sometimes revolve around humiliation. Your embarrassment, shame, derision, mortification, and ultimate self-degradation are what get me off.

 These embarrassing sex stories are a fuck-tastic source of amusement for your humiliatrix, a.k.a. – me.

You’ll never make me moan, so the best you can hope for is to make me laugh. I mean come on – what else are you good for?

I love giggling and laughing at pathetic losers like you. Crushing your ego is what I do best.

Are my embarrassing sex stories contorting your face with self-disgust and self-pity?

Why? Is that scrawny little worm between your legs attempting to harden as I begin to laugh and spit on you with contempt? Your entire worth is equal to that little itty bitty sissy clitty of yours.

I’ll make you bark like the little bitch in heat you are. Watch me light a cigarette and flick my ashes in your face. You don’t even fucking deserve to be standing my presence!

Go ahead, you little sissy. Lick that boot and lick it well. Else I’ll shove my heel right up your ass and fuck you bloody.

So why are you such a little wimpy fucktard?

Perhaps you sleep in bed alone every night as your hot wife goes out to fuck well-endowed studs equipped with shattering BBCs?

Maybe you masquerade as a man, secretly wear girly-girl panties, maybe even pee yourself before indulging in cum eating by your lone pitiful self? I’ll need to dress you up like a precious Barbie doll first. So get those little pink panties out with matching pink lipstick. I’ll draw a perfect little cupid bow on your little faggot mouth.

So what type of humiliation phone sex do you deserve? How much can you handle? Time for a mind fuck that will violate you from head to toe, squash your worthless POS existence, and leave you craving for much much more…

You deserve the best and utmost verbal debasement.

embarrassing sex stories

embarrassing sex stories