Blackmail Sex Stories always happen when you least expect it, and I was not expecting all the fun that this night brought!

It was always a fantasy of mine to have blackmail sex stories with a cop. So when I found myself in a sticky situation, I took the opportunity to make my fantasy a reality. It was late Friday night and I was driving home from the bar. My coworkers and I ended up going out after work and stayed longer than we should have.

All I could think about was getting home to my new dildo that arrived in the mail yesterday. When all of a sudden flashing lights were behind me. Sexual gratification was going to have to wait a little longer. I popped some gum in my mouth to try and hide the alcohol smell and got out my license and insurance.  When the cop came up to my window he asked me where I was going in such a hurry. Me being brutally honest told him that I had a big juicy dildo waiting at home and I needed to have it rammed into me ASAP.

His eyes lit up and I should have known this was the beginning of our blackmail sex stories!!

He was about 5’8″ with dark hair and blue eyes. This cop was sexy as hell in his uniform.

He said, “You got a smart mouth, but really why such a hurry?”

I told him I wasn’t joking.  I really wanted to have hot sex with someone, but all my usual fuck buddies were busy!  With a straight face, I asked him if he wanted to know why it was such a dire situation. He said, “Yeah why don’t you show me?”

I asked permission to take hold of his hand. He agreed, and I slowly pulled it down to my steamy hot box. I was wearing a dress and decided to skip panties for the day. He started rubbing my soaking wet snatch. He was breathing hard and tracing circles around my clit when all of a sudden he stopped.

I was so disappointed that tonight would end without me having any blackmail sex stories!

“No, don’t stop officer” I pleaded. “You’ve been a very bad girl and I have to take you in, Miss.” ” But what did I do sir?” I replied. “Bribing an officer of the law with that wet cunt of yours.”

He made me get out of my car and put my hands behind my back. He placed cuffs on me and told me he had to search me. As his hands trailed down my arms and waist, I closed my eyes and let a little moan escape. My pussy was twitching. He started running his hand up my inner thigh and eased two fingers into me.

I couldn’t hold it any longer as I let out a loud moan and I came all over his hand. The cop stood up and stuck the two fingers in my mouth and I sucked my cream off of them. He then reached up under my dress and unhooked my bra. His hands slid under my bra as he continued his search as he was stroking my tits making my nipples hard. He then pulled my dress up and started licking, flicking, and biting on my nipples.

Tonight all my fantasies about Blackmail sex stories were coming true!

He then threw me over his shoulder and carried me to his Police SUV. He sat me down in the back and hopped in the driver seat. I asked where he was taking me. He told me to not tell anyone about this and he would let me go. He drove me to my place and let me out.  When we walked into my house, he instantly removed my dress. The cop undid his pants and pushed me to my knees. His throbbing cock was right in front of my face, and he rubbed it over my glossed lips telling me to open wide!


This cop’s cock was huge and I choked on it every time he forced it into my mouth.  Once his cock was covered in my slobber, he pulled me up by my hair and bent over the arm of my couch.  His dick stretched my pussy so good, and I loved feeling every inch of it pound into me! I reached back and spread myself open so I could fit every inch of his stiff 9-inch cock inside me!  The cop let out a moan, as I felt his dick pulse deep inside me. He filled me up more than I had ever been filled before. The cop visited me often after that night and now I have more than my fill of kinky blackmail sex stories!!

I want to know all about your nasty blackmail sex stories!!  

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