Hot Sex is a rarity these days, so I didn’t expect much on this date, but Dre gave me just what I needed!!

Hot Sex is hard to come by these days.  So when I finally got some, I was at a loss for words.  It’s so difficult to find a guy with a big dick who knows how to use it!!  I had a date with a guy named Dre, he was polite and paid for dinner and drinks.  I felt obligated to go back to his place with him.

He was so sweet and polite, I figured it would be a quick fuck and I would be on my way.  I’ll get off either way, so I wasn’t worried about whether or not he could fuck. He was smart and sexy, I seriously doubted he could put it down, too!  To my surprise, though – the second we got into his place he grabbed me by my face and started to kiss me hard and deep.

I would be lying if I said my pussy didn’t instantly start to get moist thinking of the hot sex to come!

Just by the way his tongue moved in my mouth I could tell this was going to be a night of steamy hot sex!  My clothes littered his hallway as we slowly worked our way to his room. Dre took his time to kiss me deep and feel every inch of my body before we ever even made it to his bed. When we got to his room, he threw me down onto his bed and firmly grasped my tits while he sucked and nibbled on both of my sensitive nipples.

He kissed down my torso and made his way to my dripping pussy!  He licked up and down my bare pussy lips with his wide tongue, then used the tip of it to spread my lips open.  I almost came as soon as his wet tongue flicked my firm clit. I pulled back, trying not to cum, but his big black hands grabbed my hips and pulled my pussy back into his mouth.

Then I came all over his face, but he wasn’t finished tasting me.  My body was begging for some kinky, hot sex!!

Dre pushed his tongue deep into me until my pussy juices splashed into his mouth again.  He kissed back up my tummy met my lips with his warm, wet mouth. My pussy tasted so good on his tongue!  I reached down and grabbed his rock-hard cock and almost came again when I realized he had to be 10 inches.  

I quickly scooted down in between his legs and started kissing and tonguing around the head of his dick.  His cock twitched in my mouth when he realized I could swallow most of his cock. His hands grabbed my hair and he started bouncing my mouth up and down his dick like a basketball.  

I could tell Dre needed my hot sex by the way he pulled me up to him by my hair.

I took no time climbing on top of him.  His cock was standing straight up, so when I straddled I was able to just slide onto his cock without using my hands.  Dre’s eyes got large and he grabbed my hips, pushing himself deep into me. My pussy instantly sprayed all over his thick cock.  He started grinding his hips, pushy his cock right onto my g-spot. My pussy flooded his cock until my squirted was dripping down his hips and balls!!  

He practically threw me off of him and bent me over.  I couldn’t help but bury my face in his pillows and put my ass high in the air while he rubbed his cock up and down my wet slit.  I knew he needed some kinky anal sex!  Finally, he thrust his dick hard and deep into me. He grabbed a handful of my long hair and start slamming his huge cock into me.  I could feel my squirted spraying all over both of us!!

This was just the kind of hot sex I needed!!


Dre’s large hand slapped my ass while he rammed into me.  I was sure his neighbors had to hear me moaning and screaming every time he moved into me.  Dre moaned and gasped, shocked that I could take every inch of his giant cock! He apparently never had a size queen like me before!  His hips started slapping into me harder until he finally screamed “fuck!” and I felt his enormous dick pump me full of his cock juice!!  He collapsed onto me and we spent the rest of the night laying there, talking about how bad we needed some hot sex!


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