No Doubt My Brother In Law Hid That Camera  In The Bathroom

I was staying at my older sister’s house for a few weeks when my condo was undergoing some renovations. And it got a lot more interesting than I’d anticipated it would.

First off I caught my brother in law getting off to phone sex and that’s just the start.

Gisele likes blackmail stories I spotted something in the bathroom and upon closer inspection, realized it was a tiny camera. No doubt my pervy brother in law had put it in there since he knew I’d be there for a few weeks. He was out at work and my sister was out shopping, so I went to his computer and sure enough, I found hundreds of pics of me in the bathroom that had been taken with this hidden camera. I had a plan. Blackmail came to mind.

I Was Going To Blackmail Him

My sister had mentioned to me years before shortly after she met him how good he was in bed. Especially at licking pussy. I decided to blackmail him over these pics he’d taken without my knowledge or consent. I told him I would tell her about all of it, unless he would perform oral sex on me daily until I left. He looked stunned and said that was blackmail. I asked if he’d rather be exposed for the peeping Tom that he was and he said no. So everyday when my sister was out, I had my pussy licked and better than I’d ever had before to keep quiet about his activities.

I hardly think he minded having to lick my juicy little shaved cunt

I hardly think he minded having to lick my juicy little shaved cunt. As he was always there ready and willing to lick me as soon as she was out the door. I would ask him things as he licked me like had he been masturbating as he looked at the pics of me in the bathroom. And he’d look ashamed and say yes and I’d laugh at him and tell him what a pervert. He was and he was lucky I’d decided just to blackmail him. And not shake him down for a large amount of cash. No doubt my sister would leave hs sorry ass if she knew what he’d been up to behind her back.

I Was Exhausted From Cumming So Much

He’d make an extra effort to make me cum so many times. I couldn’t cum any more from his tongue lashing of my wet cunt. I would grab his head and push it just where I wanted it to go. And he’d lick and suck until I was exhausted from cumming so much. He really was good, he knew what he was doing down there and I made it clear there would be no reciprocating whatsoever. This would be him servicing me and me just enjoying it. I couldn’t care less if he came or not. This was blackmail punishment, not to get him aroused, eh was lucky I decided this was his only task.

I told him he could suck on my nipples as well. I enjoyed that and he asked if he could stroke his cock while he did this. And I just laughed at him and said not a chance, you peeping Tom! Now get to work! He did as he was told and sucked them and then went back down to my pussy. And made me cum yet again. I must say, it was nice getting all that oral attention and not have to do anything in return. And I made sure he deleted all the files as well that he’d taken of me. I told him if he ever pulled anything like this with me again, I’d be telling my sister every sordid detail of this incident and he promised he’d never do anything like it again.

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