We Had A Plan To Blackmail Our Coach

I have a few blackmail sex stories in my life, but this one will be most entertaining. When I was in school another friend of mine and myself decided to blackmail the coach. Since he was threatening to kick my boyfriend off the team and he had a chance at a pro career. And we couldn’t let this happen, so we set a plan into motion and it worked. I knew he was a horny old bastard. My girlfriend was really good at being able to tape people without them knowing about it. So I suggested we fool around with him a bit on camera. And then w

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e’d have leverage to use against him if he decided to kick my boyfriend off the team. He simply wouldn’t be able to with what we’d have on him.

My Friend Was Going To Use A Strap on On Him

I got her to agree to a threesome and I brought along a strap on. And we asked him to meet us after school in the locker room. She liked being a part of one of

my blackmail sex stories. She thought it was fun. I distracted him. And my girlfriend set her phone that was recording everything on one of the shelves of the lockers that was half open.

I came onto him and so did she and we soon had him on the bench.It was in perfect view of the camera. And I told him I loved older men and wouldn’t he just love a taste of my shaved, teenage pussy? He grinned and said he sure would, so he got on his back on the bench. I sat on his face and he went to town on my cunt. And she got into the strap on.She then pushed his legs back and he had that toy all the way up his ass. Before he knew what hit him.

He Was Mature And Had A Lot Of Experience In Eating Pussy

He wasn’t complaining, he was hard as a rock. His mature cock standing straight up as I ground my wet pussy into his face. He seemed to be enjoying the strap on up his ass as my girlfriend fucked him hard. And He was soon dribbling cum all over his own stomach as she pounded him. He said he wanted to be able to lick her pussy as well. So we switched places and he worked his tongue all over her cunt. And she was soon cumming as well. He was mature, but I had to admit he was good at licking pussy. I guess he had plenty of experience.

He was soon hard again and I sank down onto his dick and started to ride him. I hadn’t planned on fucking him. This was just going to be one of my blackmail sex stories he happened to get roped into. But after I felt what a good job his tongue did, I was kind of curious. How good his cock might be, and I can’t say I was disappointed.

Blackmail Sex Stories Can Have Hot Endings

He was a pretty good fuck, and my cunt was soon gripping his cock in a death grip . I came on his cock and he shot his load inside of me. After we got dressed and were finished, I reached in, and quickly emailed the scene we had just taped.And sent it to myself. And then I told him this had all been caught on tape.I told him he’d better not kick my boyfriend off the team. Or everyone in that school would have access to that video. He agreed to leave him alone. I said he was a good fuck though, as we laughed and walked out the door.

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