hot sex with GiseleI had a thing for the lawn guy ever since I hired him

I had a thing for the lawn guy ever since I hired him. He’s a college student from down the street that does yard work for extra tuition money. And many in the neighborhood use his services, he’s friendly, honest, reliable and gorgeous. He likes to work without his shirt on and many of the ladies do appreciate that, you can many times see them peeking out their windows at him as he mows the lawns. The sweat glistening on his body in the hot sun. I couldn’t help but get horny as I watched him, how could I not?I bet we could have hot sex.

We Flirted A Lot As I Rubbed His Shoulders

As much as I’d fantasized about him, I never thought I’d get the chance to actually have hot sex with him.  I wondered what if I did get to fuck him and he would  blackmail me ?  Maybe telling all my neighbors what a slut I was ? But my luck changed recently and I got to. He came in after he’d mowed the lawn and I offered him some iced tea I’d made . He just sat in the air conditioned kitchen cooling off and I admired his body, and said all the yard work certainly made for some nice muscles. And he grinned and we flirted a bit and he said his shoulder was a bit stiff. So I went behind him and started to rub it and soon my hands were wandering.

My Cunt Was Sopping Wet

He was hard through his shorts. I could see that, and it didn’t take long before things got pretty out of hand. And he had me bent over the kitchen table, my skirt over my hips and my panties around my knees. His young cock was eagerly thrusting into the depths of my sopping wet cunt that was hungry for his young dick. I’d be the envy of the neighborhood if the other women knew I thought to myself! I reached back and grabbed his ass, pulling him deeper into me . And I was soon screaming in ecstasy as I was getting the living daylights pounded out of my cunt. It was hot sex alright, and a lot more and better than my boyfriend had been giving me.

I Loved Sucking His Cock

He came by every other week to do the lawn and he’d stop in and we’d fuck like fiends after each time he did. I was getting hotter sex from him than anyone I could think of in recent memory. No one would make me cum as hard as he did and I loved every single time. I loved sucking his cock, I loved when he’d rub my pussy while kissing me, I loved how he ate my pussy and drove me insane with one orgasm after the next.

I ran into his mom at the grocery store and she had no clue whatsoever I was having hot sex with her son after he’d mow my lawn.  And I doubt she’d have been so friendly if she did. I laughed to myself thinking I should tell her what a good fuck her son was. But obviously didn’t say it, as no good would come of that statement. I loved his cock and would try not to fuck my boyfriend or masturbate for a few days before I knew he was coming over. So I’d be extra horny for him, and he always would say how I was on fire for him. And I was, there was no denying it. Every woman should be so lucky as to have such a lawn boy.

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