It all started last night I was so horny and so bored. I thought about all the things I could go do and what kind of trouble I could get into. I decided to go to the mall. There were always so many married men there that I loved to tease. But BBC teasing is all I had in my dirty little mind.

Heading into the candy store I looked around and noticed there were so many black guys in here today.  I could have fun teasing all these BBCs. Getting to choose that right big one for me. As I approached the counter I found the black guy I was wanting.

I Was So Turned On And Ready To Just Start Fucking

He was standing at the doorway just staring at me. As he was licking his lips and nibbling on them I walked right up to him. He was so nervous that I grabbed his hand and lead him out of the mall. I started to lead this BBC to my truck where I could have my way with him.

As we approached the truck and I opened the door I was so ready to start teasing this BBC, He was so surprised I even had a truck. I told him to get in and that we were going to get naughty. He was so excited! He said I was way too pretty for him but he was so excited he could get that chance.

We were past the BBC teasing

I got in on my side of the truck and took off my sundress I was completely naked. Leaning over I started to suck and tease his cock. I started to push his whole BBC deep in my mouth. Pulsating on my Lips I feel every inch throbbing and pulsating in my mouth.

I started to add my hands and wrapped them around his cock.  Starting to feel his cock get harder and bigger as I stroked and teased his BBC. The more I sucked and teased his cock the more I could tell he wanted this teen pussy. I started really sucking his cock now getting that BBC all the way down my throat. He started to pre-cum a little bit down my mouth. I could feel it and taste that yumminess.

The More Rough He Got The More Wet And Dripping I Got

Jumping on top of him I started to tease his black cock with my clit. Gently I moved back and forth and swayed my hips teasing that BBC. I started to push his tip inside and my pussy started to stretch out and hurt a bit. This BBC jammed his big cock deep in me. He wasn’t going to hold back. Reaching for my hips he started fucking me deep and rough with his BBC.

The rougher he got the wetter and dripping I got. He then grabbed me right at my hips wrapping his arms around my waist and started using me like his little fuck toy. I moaned and couldn’t hold back my cum any longer I oozed all my cum all over on his BBC.

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