My Stepdaddy was coming over for a naughty time. But I was in for it, Daddy had something else in mind. He was going to want to use me and teach me about what double penetration was. He was so excited when he showed up but I didn’t expect My Uncle Ronnie to be with him. I lead them both into my house I was a bit nervous about what was going to happen since they were both there.

My Uncle Started To Follow His Lead.

 First My Stepdaddy started to get naked he was not going to waste any more time. He then made my Uncle start to follow his lead. Both stood in front of me with their big thick cocks out Starting to stroke it. I then knew what was going to happen now, I was going to get double penetration and my Stepdaddy didn’t know that was my fav thing to do. It makes my teen pussy squirt so big having two big cocks filling both my holes.

Not being able to resist my Step Daddy or my Uncle, I dropped right to my knees. I started to crawl to them so sexy and swaying my hips. Now I was right at their feet grabbing both their cocks I started stroking them. I could feel the blood start rushing to the tip. Both their big cocks were getting so big and thick and starting to do a dance in my hand. Craving those cocks in my mouth I leaned down and started to wrap my lips around both their cocks and starting to suck and tease them.

Step Daddy Didn’t Know That Was My Fav Thing To Do

My tongue wrapping around the tip pushing all the way down their big daddy cocks.  I was so turned on I got right on the ottoman with my ass up begging them to come and fuck me. My step Daddy was the first one he wanted to stick his cock deep in my teen pussy. He then told me I was going to take his brother’s in my ass. As he pumped deeper and harder he told Ronnie to come over and to play with us.

Ronnie Got up On my back and jammed his cock deep in my ass hole. I could feel both their cocks pushing deep in me now. As they pushed deeper I felt tons of pleasure and pressure as they stretched out both my holes. They were giving the most mind-blowing double penetration I had ever had.

I Always Get What I Want In The End!

My pussy was oozing all my juices out. I was craving more that they didn’t expect me to take over. Moving my hips back and forth I started to control the speed they were fucking me. Making my hips start bouncing up and down really getting that intense double penetration I was in need of. I wanted it deeper and harder I pulled my ass cheeks apart and let them really barrow their cocks in deep.

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