It was the first cheer practice back from school break. We were all showing up to see who our new coach was this year. As the handsome sexy hunk coach came in he was just wearing basketball shorts and was wanting us to show him what we could do.  I stood up as the captain I had to talk to him and lead the girls onto the floor show. Then I danced in front of him I had only one thing On my mind and that was how the coach would breed my cum addicted teen pussy.

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So I turned around as we started to shake our hips and sway them. I saw him start to touch his cock a little bit in his shorts. Wow, I could tell this was turning him on so much. Really I just wanted to drain this coach’s cock and make him breed my teen pussy so good and deep. I snapped my fingers and started to the next dance. This was one of my favs we ripped off our cheer uniforms and had sparkly panties and bras on. He looked at us in such surprise as we swayed our hips and moved to the beat. 

As we got down I could see the coach’s eyes looking me up and down. He told the girls that were awesome and to hit the showers. He yelled at me to stay after this coach was going to breed me deep. I was so ready to see what the coach was going to do to me next.

I Gagged And Even Drooled Covered His Whole Cock.

As he approached me I could see the huge bulge in his pants. He slowly took my hand and placed it right on his shorts I could feel his big thick cock. It was throbbing and pulsating through his shorts. I got right on my knees and started to suck and tease it.  The coach was getting so turned on I could feel his cock throbbing on my tongue. 

 I started massaging the coach’s balls next he was going to breed this teen deep. Reaching Out I couldn’t leave those big swollen balls alone. Then I licked and teased each ball as he begged me for some more. Leaning in and took his cock all the way down my throat. I gagged and even drooled covered his whole cock.

I was surprised when the coach had me lean over and take his big cock. Gently I borrowed the coach’s cock in deep and hard. He did not hold back either. Coach then ran his hands into my hair cupping and then pulling at it. He was so hard and was fucking me so rough.

I Could See All The Veins Bulging On His Big Cock

Coach pulled his big cock out and wanted me to go back to jerking it hard for him. I could see all the veins bulging on his big cock. The head of his cock started to flare and he blows all over my face.

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