I had a call Yesterday From A guy I had not talked to for about  3 years. It was strange he had called me up out of the blue too. Steven told me he had something so hot I could not pass it up.  He had moved into a new place outside of the city. He knew I loved playing and getting naughty outside. I was so ready for him to make my teen pussy squirts out all over his face.

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I hurried up and packed my bags and got right down there. I was so excited I did not even get dressed, I was in my favorite bikini ready to seduce him into some nasty sex. As I pulled up to his new places’ driveway I saw how big the yard was. An outdoor-loving whore like me could do so many naughty things without being caught.

When I arrived I was shocked. Steven was waiting for me, butt naked and ready to plow his favorite teen slut. Steven was absolutely delicious. He was tall, dark, and handsome. His body was chiseled like a Greek god. My teen pussy was dripping wet as I was driving up. Once I was out, Steven took my hand and guided me to an empty old garage.

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I got on my knees right away. Then, I started to suck and tease his cock deep in my mouth. Now I could feel his cock throbbing in my throat. Already I was so wet and wanting so much more. I started to take my bottoms off and throw them to the side. While looking straight into Steve’s eyes, I started playing with my teen pussy. But he was ready to fuck me! Steven got right behind me and stuck his cock deep in me. My teen pussy started to squirt a few juices out. I couldn’t bear to not have him inside me. I wanted to fuck Steven so much and couldn’t wait any longer I was going to take this stud’s big cock.

As my Steven jammed his  cock deep in me I moaned out in such pleasure. My teen pussy letting out squirts of my juices down his cock.  Steven’s cock was as big as a burrito and it felt so good going in deeper and deeper penetrating every inch of my pussy. He let out a loud noise of pleasure and then pulled out of my pussy. He started squirts of  cum down my teen pussy lips.

Steven was gone now He was grabbing some corn that he would be using on me next. While he was gone I pressed hands on my pussy lips and scooped up some cum. I then pressed it to my teen lips and started to lick up his yummy cum.

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